I've just discovered another great Etsy shop called CREATEaTHOUGHT. You know me, and how much I love words...that's why this shop really appeals to me! Through her creations, she seeks to give us a place to put down our thoughts that is as special and unique as they are!

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces in her shop:

"Orange is really a lighthearted hue journal"
I love the poetic tribute to the color orange! And, of course, the buttons!

"Spring Flower magnets"
These "FridgeFabulous" magnets are super powerful, just right to hold all those heavy works of your family Picasso! I really like the wild asterisk pattern -- it reminds me of the atomic era!

Be sure to stop by and see all of CREATEaTHOUGHT's other goodies, and visit the blog, too!


I'm not usually a big fan of a lot of orange but I like this a lot!

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