Ueber Cool!

An "Aw, Shucks" and a thank you to Charlene for this award!

It's a another fun one -- all pink and ribbony, with a great German word in the title and you know how I love that! You must visit Charlene and her blog A Virtuous Woman, where she takes both a spiritual and practical approach to all areas of the home life, including wonderful Southern cooking!

I know it takes time, effort, planning and thought to blog; so, I'm nominating every one of my fellow bloggers to grab and pass along if you have blogged/posted an entry on your blog at least three times within the past week/seven day period, including sharing at least one photo; you are all amazing!


barb cabot said…
Great award, you deserve it!

You definitely deserve it!
Anonymous said…
Yay, You certainly deserve it. Congratulations!!

Charlene said…
I'm glad you're enjoying the award--I really do love your blog!

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