Spring Has Sprung

Well, the weather here's been nice a couple of days in a row (highs in the upper 60's yesterday) so I am finally, slowly getting out the spring decor. With Easter right around the corner, I started with the bunnies.I got this idea from somewhere but can't remember where - magazine, blog, website? If you know, please comment so I can give credit where credit is due! I used my favorite trifle bowl and will replace the plastic eggs with real ones we decorate this afternoon.

UPDATE: I slept on it and remembered where I'd seen the bunny Peeps idea: it was on Karen's blog, here - the 4th photo down! Thank you Karen for the inspiration!

Remember when these bunny-shaped pillows were popular? I made this one about 15 years ago from my very first cutter quilt.

Same story, different shape and fabric; this is new (well, vintage now!) fabric with vintage buttons.

I've filled the jellybean jars, too. It's beginning to feel like alot like Easter.


Beadyjan said…
Aww I love the bunny pillows I haven't seen them before.
I can't get over the ingenuity of that trifle bowl! I have the same one and to think how cute you can make it for such a small amount of cash! Thanks for posting this Laurie.
Unknown said…
I really like the trifle bowl idea.
Pretty Things said…
That trifle bowl is awesome!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter Laurie,

I love the idea of the trifle bowl filled with sweet lil' peeps, grass and eggs. What a great idea. Sweet little bunnies too.

Micki said…
I love the bunnie pillows. What a great idea!
Unknown said…
Debby, Oh, I love how yours came out. I thought that was an adorable idea in that candy shop. Your bunnies are wonderful too.

Happy Easter.


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