Counting Down the Days

I'm counting down the days to Friday, when my husband, son and I drive to Denver and get on a plane to Indiana to attend my college graduation. I'm beginning to get very excited! Last weekend my husband surprised me with a cake, some decorations, and a large brown box from Louis Vuitton. It was exactly what I had wanted, dreamed about getting, but never expected: the last briefcase/laptop case I'll ever need, built to last a lifetime.

If I look a little strange in the photo, it's because I was, truly, dazed. Speechless. This doesn't happen to me very often! I'm hoping that the briefcase will get a lot of use during my budding writing career.

A couple of days later a dear friend surprised me when I pulled up to her house and saw a banner, "Happy Graduation!" Inside, she'd prepared this lovely table:

She made the cake, with the basket weave icing, from scratch. She is a very talented, creative lady, and I was extremely touched.

Tomorrow I'm treating myself to a trip to the hairdressers, something I haven't done since I quit my job in 2007! (I mean, I go for cuts, but not the full treatment.) I'm SO looking forward to that!

After we arrive in Indianapolis we're going to drive to Terre Haute, and my in-laws are meeting us there. We plan to have dinner at a fantastic German restaurant Friday night, then Saturday we'll spend the day at the college for all the festivities and have a special dinner out that night. On Sunday we fly out in the late afternoon so I'm hoping to spend the day hitting antique shops all along the road between Terre Haute and Indy, as it's the last chance I'll have to be in Indiana for who-knows-how-long. If you have any suggestions of places not to miss, please let me know!


Melissa said…
What a great briefcase and a beautiful cake.

Congrats on your graduation and enjoy your weekend!
maryboys said…
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maryboys said…
what a wonderful post! i wish you a very special time in indiana - and congratulations, of course! enjoy every minute with the beautiful LV case...

i'm so pleased that you are doing your first swap with us, laurie! i am certain you will just love the process:) when you have time you can email your basic contact info to me (see swap post)and then i'll be sending out more details once the sign up closes.
barb cabot said…
Laurie, everything looked so wonderful, the gift, the cake and all the love that everyone feels for you at this special time. Please know that I feel so happy for you. Enjoy each minute of your graduation and being with family that are extremely proud of your accomplishments. You deserve all this attention!
Lydia said…
What a gorgeous table! Bet that cake was scrumptious! It's so nice to get gifts that we really like:) !

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