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I'm in a very peaceful place right now, with my son just finishing up his 2 week Spring Break (we didn't travel) and my husband back to work but home on his regular 4 days off now. I'm almost always awake before the rest of the house (except the cat...Kyra waits impatiently for the first one up to feed her) and this morning I had a chance to start washing and photographing products for my vintage finds Etsy store before everyone else stirred.

Yesterday at the thrift store I found this uninspired piece of artwork, a piece of (ugly) wallpaper border, but I loved its frame. Even though it's been painted pink, the frame is heavy and wonderful.

Then I turned it over, and saw that the wallpaper had apparently been put over an old print on canvas. This peaked my curiosity so much that I had to spend the $1.73 and buy it so I could see what was under the wallpaper. I hoped it wasn't glued on!

Once I got it home I pried it open...

And this was what was underneath:

An old European street scene. I think it's charming!

Other projects I've been working on include washing antique store fabric finds, like this one:

Isn't it wild? I couldn't resist!

I also spent a couple of hours yesterday in front of the television watching reruns of past Project Runway seasons (my FAVORITE guilty pleasure) while cutting off about 300 yarn ties from a true, feedsack patchwork quilt (another thrift store find.) That project had the extra, added bonus of keeping me warm while I worked and the blizzard (3rd one this week) swirled outside my window.

After I cut all the ties, I opened one seam, turned it inside out and removed the lining. The lining consisted of 2 old wool blankets and one large piece of unknown fabric, plus a bunch of white cotton which had balled up and pilled and otherwise disintegrated, pulling the quilt into a puckered, gathered mess! One great surprise, after it was all untied and straightened out, was a wonderful signature square, with the hand-embroidered names: Lloyd and Riley! How fun! After a gentle wash, it's hanging to dry from my upstairs banister and will soon become...I don't know what, but it will be wonderful!

Another little endeavor: I'm trying to decide whether or not to take this cross stitch thrift store purchase out of its frame:

It's nicely/professionally framed, but so not my "style." If I do remove it, I thought I'd stitch some quilt squares around it and make it into a pillow. What do you think?


barb cabot said…
Wow that was some detective work you did on the wallpaper print you bought. I love it. You have been on a real treasure hunt and have found such goodies. Loved the whole discovery. Sounded like a wonderful peaceful morning in your household. Ps I received the Audrey Hepburn package of goodies yesterday. I love everything and the way you wrapped each little gift was beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you so much.
Linda Sue said…
You did that too?! Project runway I mean! Wasn't that fun- one after the next even though you knew how it would turn out in the end!
Micki said…
Your treasure hunt really turned up some wonderful things. It is amazing what one can find. My DH and I always loved investigating thrift shops and antiques shops and loved finding special things.
Christine said…
I haven't been on treasure hunts for quite some time. I like the pillow idea for the cross stitch. Maybe you could use part of the quilt you took apart. That would be really cute!

Unknown said…
Not only do you find wonderful things, but I love that you take them apart and discovery even more treasures. My sister just started taking Vintage fabrics from clothing and redesigning them. I love everything Vintage especially that these finds are cherished.
Happy Pink Saturday,
Anonymous said…

How very nice of you to visit my blog and sign up for my 100th post giveway. I can see that you are very talented and have a good eye for things. I love the quilt top but would have never thought to undo all of those ties?? I just would never have occurred to me to do that. I am also in love with your european picture. It is beautiful, a real find!!

Thanks so much for the kind comments and I look forward to visiting you again.

Spotted Sparrow said…
Why would someone cover up that pretty painting with that ugly wallpaper? Great find!

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