Thrifters Anonymous

This morning I awoke and decided it was high time I visited my favorite second hand store. After all, I hadn't been there in, oh, five days or so. Time's a'wastin'!

Then I thought better of it and decided, instead, to continue the ongoing organizational project in my "office", where I store my Etsy and eBay current, past, and future stock. I stood on the threshold looking in at my "stock" and groaned. How could I even consider doing more thrift/antique shopping?

Is there such a thing as "Thrifter's Anonymous"? If so, I need to join.

If not, I need to start it.

Am I the only one who can't seem to stay away from the thrift store? I enjoy shopping for abandoned linens and fabrics more than I do for new clothes. When I'm feeling antsy at home, the thrift store is the first place I think of going to relax. It calls my name: "Laurie. Laurie! Someone just dropped off a feedsack quilt. Quick! Come and see!"

I've heard it said that a woman's urge to shop is instinctual, and linked to the ancient role of foraging in fields for nuts, berries, herbs, reeds, and other necessities for her family. I guess in my heart of hearts I imagine my family in desperate need of one more antique tatted handkerchief, in like-new condition.

I feel the need to quit, cold turkey.

I spent about 2 hours this morning on shop inventory and came up with a tabletop full of nifty items to list again, either because it's been a while or because I'm going to combine them into pairs (or triples!) It'll be such fun! It's like thrift shopping in my own home!

Here are just a few examples. See? Fun!

And, I really mean this: it's going to have to do me for now -- because I'm really not going to allow myself to go thrifting again* unless or until I have the inventory all organized and nicely put away!

I'll post a photo when I'm done

And I need you all to hold me accountable!

I'm already getting the jitters.

If you have a link to a Thrifter's Anonymous, by all means, do share!

*this does not include this weekend's antique show


Anonymous said…
I agree I believe it is instinctual. When I feel that urge, I believe I can find that item that I don't know the name of until I see it. After all, for me it's all about "the thrill of the hunt".

Your asterisked qualifier at the end cracked me up, Laurie!
Linda Sue said…
Thrift shops are church! thrift shops are entertainment- thrift shops are life saving sanity where we can get lost and wrk out dilemmas in personal life - come away having spent much less than a shrink would charge , healthier for it and with something of value to resell ...or keep. We MUST go there and do that!
Micki said…
There are thrift shops in Letterkenny, and we always go there. They are such fun, and there is always something that I find. I got a Winnie the Pooh stuffed is huge for only 8 euro.That would have caused a lot more in a regular store.
maryboys said…
laurie - i think that is an excellent idea - to tell myself i can't go thrifting again until my studio is organized. i wonder if i could really be that disciplined? let me know how it goes, ok?
Anonymous said…

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