I'm Stitchin' to Show You

Happy Tax Day everyone (not)!

To keep my mind off of government spending, I'm going to show you a few things I've been stitching lately!

Remember when I did my first crazy quilt pillow and I mentioned that I didn't build the blocks properly? Well, a couple of weeks ago when we were having our psuedo-blizzards, I got out my book, Crazy Quilt Odyssey: Adventures in Victorian Needlework (by Judith Montano) and followed the directions to create blocks using "the fan method."

I really do enjoy embellishing the finished block with different colored threads and a myriad of stitches, both traditional and invented by me playing with the needle and thread!

That one went well so I created a second:

I think I'll do one more lace trim and a small embroidered motif on this one, then it will be finished. I am planning to create two more and then sew them into, what else, a pillow.

Then, as part of my cleaning-my-office project, I found some quilt scraps and used them to make a new camera case, something I was sorely needing to protect my camera from scratches in my purse:

I love the spring colors and the feedsack motif (although these are, I believe, faux vintage feedsacks.) Here's a closer look:

Don't you love that little blue bird on the yellow block in the lower right corner, above?

The little shepherd boy sleeping in the hay by his sheep, and the kitty on the pillow above it, are examples of what makes feedsack prints so endearing!

I think I'll be working on my office again today, so stay tuned for more re-discoveries and spur-of-the-moment projects! And: I want to see yours, too!


Anonymous said…

What a beautiful job you did on the quilt squares and the cute little camera cases. Very, very, nice!!

Very "tres chic"

Spotted Sparrow said…
So cute! I wish I could sew like that.
Lydia said…
Great work, Laurie! Love everything!!! The cute little bluebird, kitty, and shepherd boy-just adorable:) Your stitches are beautiful! And as always, I love your fabric choices.
Lydia said…
PS- How is the logging of the family photos going? Coming into finals yet?
Wonderful creations, Laurie! I envy anyone who has a gift with sewing.
Laurie said…
Oh Lydia - thanks for asking about the photos. I interrupted the project and haven't gotten back to it...yet.
Linda Sue said…
ALL is wonderful- delicious! what are the little dots in the firt picture- buttons? embroidery? Very nice stitching, dearest- just beautiful!
Laurie said…
Thank you you all...Linda Sue, those are tiny little pale yellow buttons, and I have about a thousand of them!
Anonymous said…
And belated Tax Day to you. Hope you didn't forget.

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Micki said…
You are getting me inspired to do a crazy quilt soon. Your embellishments are gorgeous!
I really enjoyed your pics!
Christine said…
These are beautiful. I was on a quilt shop hop recently and one of the shops had a quilt made of faux crazy quilt blocks. It reminded me of your pillow. The quilt would have been much prettier made of squares of real crazy quilt. I love to do that kind of busy work while I'm watching TV.


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