Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brass Armadillo Redux

Earlier this week I told you about my trip to The Brass Armadillo; I finally had time, sunlight, and a charged camera battery all at once so now I can show you what I purchased that day:
Ephemera.  Lots of it!  Some authentic scrap and some hand-cut scrap from ads and cards.
I thought this little sample card was just too sweet with the kitty wearing a pink bow!
A dance card, with dances listed on the back.
Who wouldn't want to dance with that pretty lady?
Swizzle sticks.  I think they make cute, colorful additions to collages.
A great wooden clothes hanger from our favorite old Colorado Springs grand lady of a hotel, The Broadmoor.  Also some cute older silver and black photo corner, Husky pencils (I love those!), and a women's auxilliary notebook filled with handwritten minutes/notes from one of their meetings.
It wouldn't be me without a button, would it?  I found the little copper pot-shaped one and couldn't resist it.  What do you suppose it was used for?  An apron clasp?  Next to it -- a pretty rhinestone hair clip.  I also found some pretty millinery flowers in a booth that sold hats -- they were obviously pieces that had fallen off her other wares, but that was just fine by me!


Creative Wings said...

yummy goodness...someone go get the mop

Marion said...

Oooh, I'm so envious (as usual!) I wish I'd found that rhinestone hair clip.

I've been haunting Etsy this past week for even more 'rose' dishes. I found another pattern to mix with the one I showed to you. This one has a beatufiul long-stemmed pink rose on one side of the dish. The style is Edwin Knowles Tea Rose. Just beautiful!! I got 2 plates and a few saucers. It's almost too pretty to use, but I'm using it.

Have a super Labor Day weekend!! xo

Dee in N.H. said...

Oh my! You found some amazing stuff!

pam said...

HUSKY do those bring back memories! How appropraite for back to school the dance card too, how hard to decide which side to use in a collage though...maybe scanning it so you could use both? Hope you have a great time this weekend, can't wait to see pics!

Stampin D Amour said...

Love vintage ephemera!!! What a FABULOUS find at the Brass Armadillo!!! xo

-pamela :)