Fairies, Flounces, and Falling Love with Buttons!

Part of what is helping me out of my sadness and rut these last couple of weeks is doing a little creating for my friends.  LuLu Kellog and I just finished an impromptu swap of buttons; she sent me this pretty package of some of her favorites, because she's sweet like that:
...beautifully wrapped, of course, because it is LuLu!
I then got to work picking out buttons and decorating a pretty little box to send to her!
I could do this all day!
Are you in the mood for a button swap?
Then be sure to see the end of this post for some good news!
This package went off to Karla Nathan:
Inside was a large, old medallion of a woodland fairy that I thought she'd love.
Everytime I see fairies or nympths -- I think of Karla!
Mina inspired me to make a journal, just for her...
which was just the push I needed as I've since started on more for the shop!
It was long overdue, too.
Can you guess what this pink, frothy pile of lovely is?
That's right -- I found another crinoline skirt at the thrift store!
I love it so much!
Button Floozies Swap
Are in the mood for a button swap? We're having one on my other blog,
For this swap, we're decorating an Altoid tin, and filling it with Fall themed buttons.
Go see!  Everyone is welcome!


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
oh i just luv that crioline
u are lucky to swap with miss lulu... you guys always make me green with envy over ur pretties. teehee
Vintage Jane said…
I just love how you have decorated your little box. What a lucky lady the receiver is. Love, love, love the crinoline too. M x
Oh, Laurie! You inspire me to stop stashing and start using my buttons!! Your creations are simply stunning!! And I'm intrigued with the carved buttons!
Unknown said…
How on earth were you lucky enough to find two crinolines in a thrift store?! I want one but refuse to pay the prices I see...hopefully I'll find one like you did! Definately want to try the button swap...but hope my buttons are cool enough....
Beth Leintz said…
Oh I love buttons, too- and just looking at your pretties makes me smile.
Ana Márquez said…
Your works are really, really great!! I come from Mina's blog, perhaps if you need some vintage image in your wonderful pieces, you can visit my blog, you can find a lot of vintage pictures there, and I will be very glad to see you :-)

Hugs from Spain! In my language: Besos desde España! :-)
I do love that little fairy, thanks again! I think I'll glue it to a little cabinet in the new kitchen
Ana A.L.P said…
Es realmente maravilloso lo que se puede hacer con dos manos y un alma imaginativa!!
Un saludo afectuoso..

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