Front door inspiration

I was inspired by my friend Lisa to make a little front door hanger like the one she showed recently on her blog:
I bought a small hanging basket from the thrift store and a few silk flowers from the craft store; the rest of the materials I had already at home.
I used gesso on top of burlap which I glued to the front of the basket; that became the "canvas" that I painted the house numbers on.  I printed out a scan of a favorite cabinet card of mine, punched a hole in it, and fastened it to the burlap with some pretty brown velvet.  I hung a skeleton key and a crown charm to it -- very much like Lisa had done on her door hanging!
I wrapped some vintage lace around the rim of the hanging basket and glued it in place.  As you can see, I chose an autumn theme for the flowers.  I also stuck in some rusty bed springs and I glued a tag made by another Texas friend, Cami, to a stick so it could become part of the bouquet!
 I printed out some sheet music with the title, "Harvest Time", rolled it and added it to the bouquet.
It makes me happy whenever I look at it!


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
what a lovely idea... I luv the sheet adds a perfect touch
Diane Duda said…
it's beautiful! and so is your door color. :)
Angela said…
Beautiful! So clever - love the old rusty bed springs! :o)
Lisa said…
Wow girl! Now I'm going to go tear mine apart & re-do it for fall! I love the springs, that really added another element of texture. Also the lace. It's so awesome to think that something I made inspired you to take it even further. Thank you Laurie!
Very pretty! You're making me want to decorate. And I love the color of your door!
Anonymous said…
Ooohhh, Laurie, how pretty. You did a beautiful job, my friend.

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