A thing of beauty

I couldn't stop gasping when I beheld this treasure.
Feast your eyes:

What detail!  What talent!  What beauty!
It's everything-I-love, a gift from Tami for my birthday.
The gift came in a beautifully decorated hat box, and included vintage linens,
scrapbooking embellishments, notecards, and a crocheted and embellished pin keep.
The box it was mailed in was decorated with vintage wallpaper!
To be "understood" by a friend is, I think, among the greatest gifts of all!
I am so lucky!


Suz said…
Amazing gift, Laurie. I agree!
What a nice gift from a wonderful friend!

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was happy, happy!
Unknown said…
That is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Thanks for sharing....
Unknown said…
Hope you are having a great birthday week! Why just one day right? I love how she used an old photograph album, the black pages are so different for a change! Lovely friend!
Maija said…
OMG!!! What a wonderful gift, and so perfect for you!!!
Kathy said…
Oh you lucky girl, what a wonderful gift!!!
Tami Hacker said…
My heart is blessed that Laurie loves the birthday goodies from me... I am the lucky one to have her as a new friend in my life!
Hugs, Tami
Oh Oh Oh, to get a gift like that is so wonderful. And to be understood as a friend like that is indeed a great thing. You are so very lucky to have a friend like that. She is so thoughtful and you can tell that lots of work went into it. happy birthday to you!
Bunty said…
How lovely! I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Laurie, especially with such a gift from a wonderful friend. Enjoy!

Thanks for your kind comment by the way!

Its great to see a freindship that started at Birdsong!!
Angela said…
So very beautiful!
Tammy said…
Happy Belated--hope it was a great day!
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous birthday gift. So many lovely things!

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