Thrift store season

I think Fall is my favorite season in the thrift stores.  As soon as September hits, there are all kinds of new fun things like Christmas decorations, and right now, great vintage clothes which they have been setting aside all year for Halloween costumes!  I can (and often do) spend way too much time laughing at all the great vintage things on the costume racks!
Last week I made a date with one of the gals I'd met at Jeanne's Soiree to go thrifting; Maija drove down from her home north of me and we hit three thrift stores, three scrapbooking stores, an antique store and a Tuesday morning -- all within the space of five hours!!  Are we good or what?  Here we are when we stopped for a frozen yogurt treat at Pinkberrys!  (Did you notice my thrifting gear around my neck?  It's a magnifying glass with a light that I use to read those tiny backmarks on old china!)
I found some cool stuff everywhere we went, like the little baby coverlet above; it is embroidered with the numbers 1-9, each with a furry friend, and then edged with that wonderful ruffle of fabric!
This is the detail of a mid-century coffee pot; I really love the colors!
A package of "festooning" -- it is frilly paper in green, purple and gold, and 25 feet of it!  Made by Beistle.  I got two packages and plan to keep one and sell one; in fact, all three of the above items will end up in my store.
Here's a very colorful, well-made mini quilt I found on another recent thrifting trip.
I like all the orange in it; it's going on the chaise in my living room.
I love the color of this green with the blueberry-colored grapes (or are they blueberries?) on this beautiful, ladybug Vera towel!  (I said, "Come to mama"!)
I almost had to fight the thrift store clerk for this little poodle candleholder!
And I was very excited to find this Amy Butler apron in like-new condition!
I just adore Amy's stuff.
...Speaking of's this for a frothy piece of heaven?

Follow the link to check out more thrifty finds!
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday


Lisa said…
Sounds like a great day and looks like great treasures!
Beth Leintz said…
Looks like you had a great (and busy) day. I never have much luck at the thrift stores. Whenever I hear stories like yours about all the great things you find, I wonder if I'm missing the "thrifting gene" and just don't know how to look. Maybe you should write a "how to"!
Marie said…
What lovelies. I actually dislike how they hoard the vintage for Halloween. I worry about how those poor things will be taken care of by some 16 year old who doesn't appreciate it! I am crazy about vintage, obviously. Mine, mine!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
I'm having a giveaway...
Linda Sue said…
You must have been fueled with speed! That is a lot to do in one short day! I think that you should wear the apron- just the apron- to serve thanksgiving dinner- It would be so memorable!
I sure love going into thrift stores. Lots of the stuff is just not that great, but there are always those hidden things that no one else wants, that you have to dig for that make it so very much fun. (and the price is always amazing)
Unknown said…
That sounds like my kind of
Thrift-A-Thon! Love the baby coverlet and the quilt. I have found a new fondness for vintage stuff for my 3 year old, trucks, maps, globes, even blankets, anything for a little boy! We don't have Pinkberry here but we have SweetFrog - why didn't I think of that? It's just like being a kid again when you go in there! Glad you had a great time!
Anonymous said…
What a bunch of treasures you found. Isn't that apron the cutest thing?

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