Consolation junkin'

One of my favorite antique stores in town holds a flea market out in their parking lot a few times a year, and it's usually a pretty good one.  I had been hoping all summer to be able to spend the Labor Day weekend junking in Canton, TX, but it didn't work out.  So, this little flea was my consolation.  And this rusty thing was my prize:
It's a thing of beauty.  So ugly, it's pretty.
 It's a rusty old, heavy, poultry scale.
And it still works!  And I love it.
This beauty runs a close second in my Favorite Weekend Buys category.  It's an old printers drawer, with tons of compartments, made of great old aged wood, with the drawer pulls intact, plus...
this fun old writing on the back!  I did a minimum of research and learned that Grant Turner of Silver Cliff, Colorado was a city politician as well as an editor for two early newspapers in the area.  With the help of that information, I can date this drawer to ca. 1887.
 I also bought this old galvanized steel/wood drawer.  Am I the only one who loves this stuff?
Inside the store, I picked up this beautiful little English tin with the prettiest blue and pink design ever, with roses!, and this package of aluminum plant labels that will make great tags for journals!  I picked up a few other things, too, but I can't show you them because they're gifts.  All in all, I was so pleased and felt a lot better about missing Canton!

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Linda K said…
I have that EXACT same TIN! And, I can tell you how old it is, as my daddy gave it to me new with the candy inside in around 1958 or so. More in common!!
Kathy said…
The junking karma must have pointed you there instead because you got some great finds!
I would LOVE to take you up on the Button Floozies but gosh, just sitting here thinking I am trying to figure out how to have LESS to do, not more! My Grandma was right, if only there was a way to eat some sleep so you didn't have to waste so much time on it.
Count me in, I love it too. I think I like the back side of the printer's drawer best. That writing is awesome. I would have bought everything!!
Lynn said…
Great finds. I love old, rusty, chippy things too. The poultry scale is really cool. I'm off to check out your etsy shops. I have two shops too. Thanks for sharing your treasures.
Bunty said…
Great finds Laurie (as usual) - you gals in the USA certainly have a wealth of junque and antiques at your disposal! Your house must be HUGE!!!

Barbara :)
Anonymous said…
How funny, I was going to comment that I have the exact same tin, and then I see the first comment (someone also named Linda) already said she has the exact same tin. Well that makes three of us now! And I do love the old drawer too...
Maija said…
Hi sweet friend!!! It was so nice meeting you at Jeanne's last week!!
I can't remember where you live, but I am in Littleton. Let's get together soon!

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