My purse obsession

When it comes to fashion, many women love clothes, others shoes; for me, it's purses.  I told my husband I wanted a new purse for my birthday this year and ever since then I've been a bit obsessed by looking for that perfect purse!  Here are some that I found on my favorite shopping site, Etsy!
This is my favorite, to-die-for bag.  It's made by Urban Heirlooms and, if I could afford it, I would buy it in a heartbeat!  ~Swoon~
How fun is this one, with the vintage needlework sewn onto the two tone leather?  I could totally see myself carrying this on all my flea market outings!  It's made by EchtLynn.
She calls it creamy but I call it dreamy -- it's made by tuscada.
I'm a little too hard on my purses to get a linen one, I think; but, if I was going to try, it would be something like this one, from dreyne.
I love the whole handbag/messenger bag look, too -- especially this one with that great outer zip pocket!  It has a gorgeous liner, too.  Made by Mykano.

Which one do you like best?


Dee in N.H. said…
Wow, deciding on a new purse is a huge decision! I really love the 2-tone bag by EchtLynn. My husband calls me "The Tote Queen". A girl needs her totes, right?
Have a great weekend! Let us know which bag you end up getting!
Unknown said…
The key closure on the first bag is so neat! I have to sneak my new purses into the house! I have a bit of a problem....Have you ever seen Katie Henrys shop?
She uses all sorts of vintage fabric in her designs...super cute.
Maybe I need to go to purseaholicsanonymous?
Marion said…
I love the first one and the linen one's best. I think I have the shop where the linen one is in my favorites. I do love Etsy so much. I bought my first ever designer purse, a beautiful Dooney & Bourke earlier this year. I love purses, too. :-)
Beth Leintz said…
I'm terrible about getting a new purse- when I find one I like, I use it until it has "old purse smell".

Clearly, I need to take you along when I need to a new purse.

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