Please Mr. Postman!

I hate all this talk about the United States Postal Service going belly up!  Receiving mail has always been one of the joys of my life!  Despite my love of all things digital, I would hate it if I didn't hear the letter carrier's footsteps on my porch, then the doorbell, and look to find things like this on my doorstep:
beautiful old linen pieces, hand picked by Linda Sue...
and wonderful old books, mailed off to cheer me, and give me fodder...
for future scrap booking pages that will be the bomb!
(How adorable is that little guy?!)
If you've never had the pleasure of reading Linda Sue's blog, All I Ever Wanted,
or visiting her Etsy shop, GollyGollyGolly, to read her
hilarious product descriptions, you are missing out!

No post office?  Then who would bring me my blog giveaway winnings?
Like this package of ephemera from Michele?
She so generously wanted to share the above pieces from her 19th century scrapbook find!
(Aren't they wonderful?)
If you are ever lucky enough to swap with Michele,
you will be in for a treat!
Check out her Etsy shop, Something Special, to see
some of the beautiful things she makes!
I've received these things and so much more recently!
I am so blessed.
Our local Post Office is indeed on the list of those to be closed.
And that makes me very sad!


Angela said…
Oh my, you've received lots of wonderful goodies lately! Hope your Post Office doesn't close, so you're able to get future packages ASAP! :o)
Linda Sue said…
i KNOW! the post office is SOOO fugged! I see it as opportunity for someone to grab hold of the need and make it better than USPS which would not be too difficult! USPS is a hateful, childish organization- Mr. Rogers would be appalled!

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