My generous and talented friends

Don't you love it when your friends really "get" you?
One day Jeanelle called and told me she was at Goodwill and was going to pick me up some piano rolls.  Look at them!  She got me two -- one because it had beautiful paper (left) and the other because the box was so lovely.
I just love them and can't wait to think up a use for them!
On another shopping trip, she picked me up this perfectly charming little bib or collar with an embroidered bird!  Does she know me, or what?  (The black velvet ribbon and the blue and white trim are treasures I picked up on a recent outing with Jeanelle!)
Back to the bib -- look at the sweet blue and pink french knotting around the edges!  I decided I would keep it for now as a dust cover for my digital picture frame!
That way I can admire it all the time!
Then there is, when she showers me with gifts, the packaging she presents them in just too precious for words.  For example -- above is a package of nut cups, unassembled; she put in some beautiful old paper doilies, assembled one of the nut cups as an example, and then put some large pearl beads in the middle of the cup!
Look at that chenille snail on the roll of Braille paper!
Beautiful beads!
 A pretty bouquet of fall-toned flowers.
Yes -- all this is part of the bag of gifts Suzanne brought me when we last met.
Vintage crepe paper -- am I spoiled or what?
This specially-wrapped bundle is...
a real bird's nest!
I have such nice friends!  (This means you, too!)


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
wow suzanne is just the was just a delight at bella. and jeanelle has a great eye for great stuff. cant wait to see all ur creations from ur lovely goodies
andrea creates said…
wow -what a lot of lovely treats! love the embroidered bird, the piano rolls and the chenille snail-too cute :)
Anonymous said…
You have such lovely friends because you are such a lovely friend yourself.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous belated birthday gift. Oh Laurie it is so beautiful! I was so surprised and it truly made my day. I will post it soon. Thank you so much!

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