Flea Market fun in the sun

I finally found a granny cart and had a blast making myself a little cart liner for it!
I used all vintage fabrics, of course.  The outside is a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic table cover of some kind that I found at the thrift store and re-purposed and the inside is another flowery vintage fabric.  I used the ruffles from the Ashwell piece to line both the outside and the inside of the liner.
Then I added some beautiful antique lace all round the top, and made ties from scraps of an old linen towel.  I attached them to the liner with matching buttons.
Here I am using it at the flea market a week ago today.  Don't laugh at my hat - it was VERY HOT and bright even at 9 am!
My friend and I could not stop laughing at this sign: "Trash cans $5 each, "Blowout!"
I didn't find a lot, but I really liked the few things I did buy, like this ephemera.  There's a great Dutch cigarette tin, some playing cards with great designs, and then a whole group of old, unused bank checks...
I'll probably sell a bunch of them in my shop, and use the rest for my own paper crafting!
From the same seller, I picked up this old calendar from 1948, unused.  I adore the picture at the top as well as the way it notes so many "celebrity" birthdays throughout the year that we just don't recognize anymore.  (Well -- I take that back -- Google's been doing a good job of recognizing obscure birthdays lately!)
I also found a bunch of vintage glass Christmas bulbs.  For these, I haggled and ended up getting them for $3!
I'm normally happy to pay the asking price, but there were more in this bag that were broken and had to be tossed -- and I didn't want to pay for the bulk of the broken ones.
I mentioned my button sale the other day, and here's a photo of it.  Twice this summer I've helped friends out at their garage sales and brought along my button tub, offering folks the chance to play in the buttons and fill a bag for $1.  At each sale, I sold just a few, but it was totally worthwhile to bring the tub along for that one or two women who were completely delighted by it.  Last time, a preschool teacher filled a bag of the largest ones to use in crafting with her kids.  Yesterday, two teen aged girls spent about 20 minutes hand picking each button to fill their bag.  They would show each other their finds and "ooh" and "ahh" over each one.  Button Floozies in the making!

I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds today!


Dee in N.H. said…
Button floozies! LOL! That's me! I love your granny cart!!! You got some really cool stuff!
LuLu Kellogg said…
I need a Granny Cart! I love the liner you created! You look so cute in your hat!

I am drooling over the Christmas ornaments. I LOVE vintage Christmas Ornies!!!

Happy Saturday Sweet Laurie!
Suz said…
Wow! That cart is incredible and please, wear your hat!!! We want your delicate skin protected from the sun!

You just score, Laurie. I would love to go out junkin' with you. I think this could be a retreat!!
Mami Made It said…
Your granny cart is lovely! And you find some great things. I love flea markets too!
Cathy said…
lovely Christmas ornaments and awesome buttons!!!!
Lisa said…
I love your Granny cart ~ great job on the liner!
Looks like you found some fun things. :)
Angela said…
Your cart is SO you! Ok, once I typed that, I realized it could sound like I'm calling you a granny, which I certainly am not! :o))) Just the frills and flowers! And I love the hat! :o)
i've been wanting a granny cart too! your liner is very cute. and i LOVE the christmas bulbs you found! i've been on the hunt for some for my aluminum tree but can never find them at a decent price.
Anonymous said…
Your button tub almost made me swoon. Good thing I was sitting. What a fabulous idea if one could part with their buttons.

I love the old calendar; very cool. Great buy on the Christmas ornaments!
Aren't flea mkts better with a cart along!? I need to make myself a liner, I've been using an ugly grocery bag in mine.
Your liner is perfect - love the fabrics and the ruffles! And what great finds you made. Looks like a good day.
Unknown said…
No shame in the Granny Cart...I have one I made about 8 years ago. I found the cart at a yardsale for $1 and actually had my "Granny" make the liner funny enough. I used to have arms full of bags at the one huge sale I went to every year and I would be so sore from draggin it all around. Lets call them "Smart Carts" ? Or something cuter....we did have the good sense to come prepared. I even stack it with drinks and snacks and the Oh, so necessary hand sanitizer! Glad you had a good time!
Tammy said…
I love the story about the teenage button floozies in the making! I love what you did with the shopping cart!

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