Baby Tableware, Anyone?

Recently, one of the bloggers on my reading list posted about her collection of antique baby china and tableware. I'd never really noticed it before reading her post. While thrifting the other day, I found this wonderful set!

I couldn't pass it up; for one thing, it was made by a good pottery -- Wellsville in Ohio. For another, it is in such great condition, and so complete! Finally, it is that heavy, heavy pottery and that great color that is just so desirable.

And who can resist the cute decorations!

And that green!

The cup is my very favorite...

Especially the reverse!


Jingle said…
Those are so adorable! What a neat thing to have!
Beth Leintz said…
That is so cute- I don't think I've ever seen that set before- and I think its extra special since it has baby's name on it.
Meari said…
That is an adorable set :)
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