One Last Sprawl

This morning I took one last sprawl out on our sofa while I watched some of The Today Show. Any minute now, the furniture truck will bring us a new sofa, ottoman, and entertainment console. Dennis and I moved the old sofa out into the garage to await a friend's picking it up later today. It's been cleaned and had its insides examined for stray Lego pieces, change, and peanut shells. I hope that, despite our snow overnight, the friend will come to get it. We have nowhere to put the thing!

The new sofa is smaller, so it will fit much better in its allotted space. Because it doesn't have the reclining feature of the old sofa, I insisted on getting the matching ottoman. I'm short and need to put my feet up to be comfortable sitting for any length of time. Furniture just doesn't fit people my height!

The entertainment center is just lovely -- it's long (80") and will look great in the family room. But, for now it's going to live in the dining room. I'm of course going to be rearranging the whole family room after we take the Christmas tree down, in honor of the new furniture. I'm excited to be having a new look for the new year! The "old" (7 years young) entertainment unit and TV will go downstairs into our unfinished basement, and become the Gaming Center for my soon-to-be-teenaged son. There is already a smaller version of the sofa we're getting rid of down there!

All of this arranging and re-arranging is due to the fact that we've pooled the Christmas fund to buy ourselves a family gift this year: a flat screen, plasma TV that my husband and son have been longing for. Over the last couple of weeks we've learned more than we ever knew possible about the beast: LED vs. LCD vs. plasma screens, dp, dpi's, 1080, 760, etc., etc. If this is all Greek to you, it was to me a week ago. But I've learned.
Now we've settled on one we all want. But, we haven't bought it yet. Experience tells us these things tend to go on sale after Christmas. So we're going to wait and see if we can get a bargain!

It's complicated!


Unknown said…
how exciting! I hear you on the furniture fitting thing when you are short! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Melinda
Micki said…
The furniture sounds wonderful! Laurie, your card came and I loved it. It was a lovely card that you made, and your words meant so much to me.
Happy Christmas!
Spotted Sparrow said…
Isn't it fun to start a new year with a new look? I plan on doing the same, although on a much smaller budget. ;-) Have fun arranging and rearranging!
Hope to see the new furniture soon!

p.s. Thanks so much for the totally lovely and charming Christmas card. :o)
barb cabot said…
Sounds like a great way to start the new year. Lucky you!

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