Good News, Bad News

The bad news is, I didn't get chosen to be on Wheel of Fortune. (Booooo.)

The good news is, I spent Tuesday's "snow day" crafting, and finished another Artist's Class project! (Hey, you have to celebrate the little things!)

This time it was the "Pretty Fabric Covered Box." I started out with this vintage quilted box:

I covered the bottom, sides, inside, and the top with paper, vintage fabric, vintage ribbon and trims, and a few bits of newer trim.

This beautiful blue and green wired ribbon was a purchase from a specialty ribbon shop a few years ago when we vacationed in NM. I had been saving it for something special.

The same with the lovely fabric I used to line the inside: I bought it at an antique store a while back and was saving it. I bought the antique trim that's on the inside of the lid in Missouri.

The antique ribbon that covers the sides coordinates with the "Marie blue" theme, inspired by the antique print on the top of the box.

The paper on the inside of the lid and the bottom (not shown) is by Close To My Heart.

Remember, just one more day to enter my Blogaversary giveaway; details are here.

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Melissa said…
I'm sorry you weren't chosen for Wheel of Fortune, but yay for snow days!

I love your box. The blue interior is so pretty.
barb cabot said…
You do such wonderful work. It's really a treasure of a box. Re: Wheel of Fortune...their loss but try again when you can. Have a wonderful day. You are such a sweet soul!
Linda Sue said…
Your box is glorious!
I hope your foots are doing well- you've been on my mind- I send wishes!
Micki said…
Sorry that you didn't get on Wheel of Fortune! I remember watching that show and loving it.
Mary said…
I love that box!!!

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