I Was Charmed

Just before Christmas, I was charmed to find an envelope from Germany in my mailbox, which I opened to see this beautiful collaged card...

The color and texture of the card are just amazing. Look closely to the lower left and you'll see a pendant as well; here's the reverse:

They were both gifts from Viola, who must have been able to hear me across the Atlantic as I squealed in delight! (You may remember when I blogged about Viola after I purchased one of her beautiful collages as a graduation gift to myself. It continues to inspire me!)

Thank you Viola for the sweet and generous Christmas surprise!


Pretty Things said…
LOVE! One of my goals this year is to finally learn to solder (and hopefully not just sit there and burn it all up and inhale fumes).
Viola said…
Laurie, you are such a sweetie! Happy New Year! All the best to you and yours! Love, Viola :o)

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