Skin It!

One of the gifts I bought for my husband, son and I this Christmas was a "skin" for our cell phones. The thing is, we all have the same phone, so in addition to being fun it was a way to tell our phones apart!

Here's mine:

This is a photo of a hang tag I made that is a favorite.

The reverse is a close up of some of my antique lace.

I created these by uploading photos on the website They have many designs to choose from, or you can make your own as I did. It was so easy: just choose your phone model, they bring up a template for it, you upload your photos and place them where you want them! Mine was $20.

I highly recommend it!


Pretty Things said…
That's gorgeous! I just got a new skin for my Blackberry and my laptop, too! I got mine from
Angela said…
That is so cool! I may have to mark that site - it would make great b-day presents!

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