End of the Year Business

As much as I love the holidays, I'm always happy for things to get back to "normal" afterwards, how about you?

I enjoy the week between Christmas and the new year as a "tying up loose ends" kind of time. This is when I typically delete unnecessary files and back up my computer files (both computers) onto CDs. I also try to organize and transfer all of my thousands of photographs onto CDs as well, and order prints of any that I might not already have printed through the year. It's so important to stay on top of that! I use Snapfish and get my photos by mail -- it's my favorite service, and I've tried a lot of them.

The photograph organizing isn't as daunting as it sounds because I use Google's Picasa application. It catalogs all of my photos on each computer, streamlining the process, and is especially helpful for emailing photos to friends.

And in the spirit of closing out the year, I am also going to highlight the Etsy Blogger of the Month for December: Calkat, and her blog Calkat the Jewelry Junkie! Just as her blog's name implies, she blogs on her very colorful site about jewelry and all things creative and beautiful! Be sure to visit - it's an eyeful!

She also has an Etsy store called Calkat, where she sells jewelry designs and beads, but you can also find her on Etsy at: Ametista.etsy.com, TheClayShoppe.etsy.com, and YogaFairies.etsy.com. This is one busy lady! Be sure to visit, as right now she's offering free worldwide shipping from her shops, through New Year's Eve.

So, what end of the year tasks or projects are you contemplating this coming week?


storybeader said…
you sound very organized! Sorta like me {:-D
I use Picasa too, but haven't used the on-line service too much. I like Flickr a lot, but I'm running out of space... And I think I'll look into Snapfish - haven't heard of them before.

Glad you like the "Journal Swap" idea - think it should be loads of fun! {:-Deb
Linda Sue said…
Thanks for the links- I feel a hard case of "want" coming on...Hope you are well and your feet are behaving. LOVE

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