Christmas Linens and Then Some

I took some photos before throwing these in the laundry this morning. These are the type of vintage Christmas linens that make my heart go pitter-pat:

A thrift store find large tablecloth...

I love the Yule Log design!

This was spotless -- I doubt it had ever been used!

Here's another - same store, same day. It's a bit busy for me...

But if you look at it one section at a time, the design is so quaint!

And (above) here is the detail of a tree skirt with great, kistchy red, green and white pom pom trim!

Then, I discovered this in the handkerchief section:

It is a silk hankie with the most incredible, watercolor-like design...

From an Expo in Brussels in 1935.

I love this so much! I'm thinking of making it part of a crazy quilt, someday.

Tomorrow begins my son's Christmas vacation from school. I'm very excited to have him home for two weeks. Then, it should really begin to feel like Christmas around here. We're having mild weather. I'm finished with all my shopping and wrapping and today I'm working on tidying up the house from the neglect and clutter of both of those activities!

What are you up to, this week before Christmas?


Linda Sue said…
Laurie! Your finds are fabulous as usual- some folks have and some just don't...My friend in England taught me how to jumble sale- how to scan and dash...
LOVED the video of Heather SOOO adorable!
You have been very ambitious - I hope that your footsies are behaving!
Christine said…
I love these as well. I have one but I would love others so I can use a different one every week during December!!!

I received your little package yesterday and love the gift wrap and buttons. So fun!!!
Angela said…
I love the *busy* tablecloth! Great finds! :o)
Your finds are beautiful! Enjoy using them at Xmas. Thanks for popping by my blog and for your Hanukkah wishes. It's always good to hear from you.
Malisa said…
Wow! Great finds! I love that first tablecloth! I would be tempted to frame the silk handkerchief...beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

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