Fancy Feet and Vintage Christmas

Happy Blogaversary to me!

So, we've been having incredibly frigid, below zero temps that have kept me inside most of this week and I've been crafting. Here's a bit of what I've done:

I've been pulling apart those vintage corsages you sometimes find in thrift stores, saving the best pieces, and re-assembling them. This is one that I put on top of a cigar box I covered in scrapbooking paper.

Here's another that I paired with that snowman!

Just an idea of how you can use the snowman if you win my Blogaversary Giveaway!

A cute little Santa on a vintage glass ball...sitting atop a rusty bed spring!

And then...bottle brush trees! I am obsessed with them. I tried bleaching these -- from dark green and hot pink, respectively. Do you know, I have never been able to identify the odor at my local Dillard's Department store. Whenever I buy stuff there, it lingers in my car for days. Now, I know what it is: it's the smell of bleached bottle brush trees. I kid you not.

I decorated this one with antique and vintage bulbs and picks, plus some vintage tree light bulbs. I think I'm going to finish it off by painting its pot -- the brick red is too intense for the new, softer green.

I love how this one turned out, decorated with wedding picks in white and shiny crystal.

Here's another little arrangement of rescued vintage corsage pieces; I mounted it with a Shiny Brite deer onto a crocheted shade pull. I'm not sure what to do with it yet -- maybe make it into a pin?

I promised you Fancy Feet: my PT told me that I should never go barefoot around the house, and the best thing would be to wear high top sports shoes to keep my feet flexed. So, yesterday my husband and I went to the shoe store and bought me these Vans. They're skateboarders shoes, with loads of ankle support. They feel GREAT!

I bought the loudest, most unique pair I could find at a reasonable price, just to sort of keep my sense of humor about my foot pain.

I hope you're keeping warm as this storm blows across the country! Don't forget: today's the last day to sign up for my giveaway!


Melissa said…
I love those little trees too. I never knew their name, though. Love your new shoes!
Malisa said…
You are so very creative! I am so glad I found your blog! Thanks for sharing those great ideas!
Linda Sue said…
You are the best christmas fairy!
Just gorgeous and sestive- lovely and I LOVE the sneakers!!!
barb cabot said…
Laurie I Love the shoes! Now I totally get what you said. Hope these do the trick for your tootsies!
You are rocking the checks Laurie!
Very festive!

Happy blogoversary :)
Christine said…
I love all your vintage Christmas crafts. I can't help myself when I see vintage Christmas in the thrift stores. I have to have it!!!

Summer Gypsy said…
Hi Laurie!!! I love your vintage corsages. I don't remember seeing any Christmas corsages in the last several years come to think of it. I need those high top shoes. They look comfy. I love the design!!! Thanks for sharing what your PT said. Sometimes my feet give me lots of pain. I had a heel spur several years ago that was horrible. I keep my fingers crossed that it will never return! Thanks for visiting today. I hope that you're have a wonderful holiday season!

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