Beautiful Black Blouse and Wrap!

I just had to show you this beautiful offering by my friend Linda on eBay! It's a gorgeous sequined blouse from the '40's or even earlier, plus a velvet wrap that's unlike any I've ever seen and truly beautiful! This is the back:

She's including as a bonus a lovely black evening bag from the same era, and a string of pearls! If only I thought I would fit in this, it would be mine!

I'll bet my Aunt Delores dressed up in something similar when she went out dancing, back in the day. Today my husband and I drove to north Denver to pick her up so she could stay with us for the weekend. She was visiting a cousin there for Thanksgiving. Tonight after dinner I enjoyed showing her some of the crafts I've been making lately.

Tomorrow she will be helping us with the wreaths! I plan to take her to some thrift stores, too.


Oooh the gorgeousness!
Jamie said…
How beautiful and glamorous!!! I love it!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie!! Love, Jamie
Jenny said…
Really neat. I was so intriqued with your blog name I had to come visit! It looks fun here!

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