Happy December!

Our Thanksgiving was peaceful and lovely. We cooked at home and had no company this year, which was different but very nice. Look at my husband (ignore the tie, please...): does he look like he's about to turn 50 next week? I'm having a dinner for him this Saturday...shh, it's a surprise!

Ever since September I've been looking so forward to the holidays; now that the season is upon me, I'm scrambling. I did get the bulk of my Christmas cards sent yesterday, whew! And, the tree is up and lit, but not yet decorated. All the outdoor lights are up, too, which makes the house look very merry and bright!

We've even had one stint of cookie-making at a friend's house.

We both expected our sons, 7th and 8th graders, respectively, to lose interest quickly in favor of the Xbox, but were surprised at how much they got into the decorating!

One thing that's making this such a hectic week is that I'm in charge of the wreath project for my son's local Scout troop. That means I need to gather all the elements of the wreath - pinecones, greenery, and fancy ribbon bows made by hand - as well as purchase and transport the wreaths from Denver back here, more than 200 lbs. of wreaths and greenery to make swags, mind you, so we (Scouts, parents and I) can assemble them...in my garage. By Friday.

It's going to be fun -- can you just see the smile plastered to my face?!


barb cabot said…
You are totally amazing. All that you do! Love the photo of you and your husband at Thanksgiving. So nice. Have a great time at the party and please wish him a happy birthday for me! You Rock Laurie!
Micki said…
Happy Birthday to your husband! What a wonderful pic of the two of you! Have a wonderful time!

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