Let the Countdown Begin!

Only a few more days until we celebrate Christmas! I'm feeling happy (and, honestly, kind of smug -- shame on me!) as I've finished all the holiday prep, shopping, wrapping, etc. I had planned. All that's left is to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, which I plan to do today. Today we have sunshine and highs in the '50's, but the weatherman tells me it will be cold the next couple of days (slight chance of snow.)

When I make my grocery list in a little while I have to decide, once and for all, if I will be baking. My son wants to make fudge. Once upon a time I made dozens upon dozens of all varieties of Christmas cookies; we always made a gingerbread house, and decorated sugar cookies. This year, my heart is just not in it!

What kind of baking have you been doing?

I just had to show you these amazing vintage glass ornaments I found on Thursday at the thrift store:

They're incredibly thin and delicate!

These are the kinds of finds that make me want to go thrifting every day, sincerely.

Besides being Winter Solstice, today is my brother Jeffrey's birthday! He's 21 months older than me. Here's one of my favorite photos of us:

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Have a wonderful Monday-before-Christmas, everyone!


Unknown said…
The ornaments you found are beautiful! I'm not baking this year...just ordered from the bakery. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday! Warm hugs, Esther
Linda Sue said…
Happy Birthday Jeff! Christmas birthdays suck!
those findings at the thrift store- wow! No you dint!!!I have thrift envy!
LOVE you- have a great holiday ,you little christmas elf!!!
Angela said…
The vintage glass ornaments are exquisite! I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! This year has went by so fast!
Christine said…
Those ornaments are amazing!!! I found a tiny teapot ornament years ago and haven't stopped collecting vintage glass ornaments since!

I only made fudge this year. It's really easy and the recipe will be on my blog tommorrow!

Happy birthday to your brother, Laurie! That's such a cute photo.
Pretty Things said…
Those are great ornaments!

After Zack goes to bed, 99% of wrapping will be done!
Unknown said…
for the first time in a long time, I am not baking....usually I make all kinds of cookies and there are lots of people to eat them.It is just Don and I so I figured I better not. I miss it though for sure. The ornaments are beautiful...I am feeling pretty smug here on my end too...just so you know!

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