Gathering and hunting

Over the weekend, I had a chance to get together with a few of the new, artistic ladies (aka members of my tribe) I have recently met.  They all live north of me, closer to Denver.  We met bright at early at Maija's house for coffee.
(Maija, me, Rachel, and Lisa)
 I brought a bunch of cuff bracelets I'd been sewing that week
and everyone picked one they liked.
Maija has a beautiful home full of art she's created, or her friends have created, and a studio that made me want to pull up a chair and get to making art.  But, there was shopping to do!
Maija's beautiful mini Beagles!
Our first stop was A Paris Street Market -- the last one of the season!
 and more fun!
There was a lot of cool vintage and antique stuff that I was somehow able to resist!
After APSM we rested at a restaurant over lunch.
Then, it was off to the Horsehoe Market, further north in Denver!
Here is a photo of Lisa and I, hanging out in Jeanne Oliver's booth.
(I didn't get a photo of Jeanne, darn it!)
I think you can tell by looking at me how very HOT it was by then!
Fall Schmall.
We had so much fun admiring all the handmade art,
fashion, and food.  Plus wonderful vintage stuff.
It was so inspiring!
The whole day was a treat.
I hope to have many more like it!


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
oh what a lovely day of shopping. ur cuffs are lovely laurie
Vintage Jane said…
What a lovely day and lovely friends to share it with. The cuffs are fun too. M x
Dee in N.H. said…
Fun cuffs! Looks like it was a heavenly day with some great friends!
Love you and your tribe, Laurie! What fun, fun, fun doins' and I think your cuffs are simply stunning....lucky ladies!!! Wish I lived closer! (Although had a layover in Denver en route to home from Germany!)
Jingle said…
So jealous that you got to hang out with those girls and have so much fun!

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