Vintage Linens and Bling, Kansas Style

On the way home from Kansas last month, Suzanne and I stumbled upon a little antique store full of treasures.  One booth was having a 50 cent linen sale.  I tried to resist -- I really did!  But I knew I was going to be having a Summer Linen Sale in my Etsy shop, so I had to pick up a few wonderful pieces!
Sweet cross stitched bouquet
"D" for Dennis, my husband
kitschy and sweet!
a card table cover with basket motif in each hold your hand?
I can never pass up redwork!
At the same store, there was a trunk full of little girls clothes from, I think, the 30s.  I had so much fun going through it all!  I decided to bring just one home with me, and chose this little blue, handmade number.
My favorite part?  The little purse attached to the waist.
 I picked up this sweet silk hankie at the Sparks flea market
At another Kansas antique store's sale bin, I found the lace above... 
and this...which is really fun; it's silk, ribbon-y, with fun headgear motifs, including crowns.
Each strip is stitched together at the top.  I wonder what it was used for.  Does anyone know?  I thought maybe to decorate a horse bridle?
I bought the above in Lawrence; it was not a bargain, but a splurge, and it made me really happy!  Kitties in lace!
 I promised you bling!  The above pretty pieces from White Cloud
 From Sparks, this was a fun shabby pin...
I spied in this bag of bling at Sparks.  The bracelet on the left has a link for each of the 10 commandments!
I bought a bunch of stuff from this friendly dealer in Sparks...

including these pretty buttons!
And, finally, these bargain buttons were from the very first antique stop of our trip, in Colby.  The one in the top/middle is mother of pearl set in metal.  The one at the far right is heavy glass.  I love them!
I'm playing along here today:

 Apron Thrift Girl


Pam Kessler said…
The card table tablecloth is a hoot! I love those scarf/shoe clips. Great deal at only $3.50.
Michelle said…
Oh it's all so lovely, I don't know where to start. So I'll just say I love it all. Vintage linens and bling, bling is wonderful. Great finds!
Katie said…
LOVE the buttons. I always look for buttons but have never found any quite like that!
Anonymous said…
Love your bling! And the linens you found are precious. Nice finds!
Angela said…
They are all so lovely! I think I love that first cross stitched bouquet best. So delicate!
Thanks for sharing!
suzieQ said…
I have a weakness for old linens. Adore the cats, I would have bought them too, just ME-OW! I have no idea what that ribbon item is for, read the comments hoping someone knew. Lovely buttons, what incredible care and workmanship went into a humble item like a button; no wonder people saved them. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Oh you make me drool with your beautiful vintage finds!

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