The importance of friends

I've been trying to explain the importance of friends, and how to cultivate and nurture friendships, to my son today.  Of course he has friends...
...but he is also introverted, and for the last couple of years he has seemed to prefer spending most of his time alone.  He's often online, playing video games, reading, and watching television.  I know he needs his alone time, but I also think it's too easy these days for kids to become engrossed in their electronic media and not spend enough time face-to-face with friends.  I am trying to help him find balance.

Ironically -- I'm at a point in my own life where my online friendships are often stronger and more nurturing than my in person friendships!  I have made such wonderful friends online, though this blog, and I probably don't say often enough how much I appreciate all of you!  Just last week, after I posted here about going through a tough time, this arrived in the mail:
It's a little brooch that depicts a silver bird next to her gold nest, with a pearl egg.  Isn't it precious?  Angela sent it to me to cheer me up, and it sure did!
And speaking of friends and gifts -- Jeanelle brought me back this wonderful book from her recent trip to Connecticut, and those sweet Bluebird ephemera packages, too!
My mother used to have the same book, and I remember enjoying it as a child; you can bet I will be using some of these beautiful illustrations in my upcoming Birdsong Tag swap tags!
Speaking of swaps: I finally put together some of those beautiful three-inchey squares I received in the Silver Bella three inchey swap onto the sampler they provided (see the little tag on the bottom right that says SB '10); didn't it turn out cute?!
I also finally took the time to complete another pillow -- this time, with an assortment of vintage blue buttons --
and got it listed in my handmade Etsy shop, along with another you've already seen.  Hooray for new pillows!


Angela said…
I am so glad to be one of your friends! And I am glad the little bird pin brought you a smile - that's what I was hoping for! :o)
Hugs to you!

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