Poor Maggie, Etsy Craft Night, and Moo Fun

As I was walking the pups today, I wondered if I had blogged about poor Maggie's torn knee?  She is 9 years old and completely tore her knee a few months ago; the only option for her particularly bad tear was surgery that would've required 6 months of complete immobility afterwards.  And it wouldn't heal her leg but would improve the scar tissue situation.  We decided against it.  After a couple of months of being on pain meds 24/7, the limp has improved and we are able to take her for walks again -- but only short ones.
Maggie gets support on her walks from this custom brace we got for her; it wraps around her bad knee and supports it over her back.  It also keeps her from running, which is important because she loves to move so much that she doesn't hold back -- and then can suffer later.  We love our Maggie!

Have you heard about Etsy Craft Party?  It's where Etsy communities all over the world throw an event, open to the public, on the same day.  I'm excited to be participating in the Denver event tomorrow -- it just so happens I was going to be up there for a writing workshop anyway, and the times work out so I can swing by the party!  I'll be sure to take photos and tell you all about it -- should be FUN!  Check out and see if there's a party going on in your area, too!  Oh, and, Etsy has put together a party kit, including some great coupons, to download.  Click here to see it!

If you have Moo cards, you must have already seen this:

It's an anagram generator for your business name, shop name, or even your own name!  It is, as they warned me and I didn't listen, addicting!  I put in my handmade Etsy shop name, Twice Shy Restored, and was enthralled by all the options!  

My favorites, in no particular order, were:
Try sweetest d├ęcor
Secrete rosy width
Ice dessert worthy

and, my least favorite:
Thrice seedy worst
I could play with this thing all day!  Don't say you weren't warned!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Anonymous said…
What a great device for Maggie.
I have known a lot of big dogs needing cruciate surgery and keeping them quiet can be difficult. Fr someone like MAggie who is just wiggling to get up and run it has to be torture.
I am happy to hear things are progressing well and she can get out for leisurely short walks.

I had not heard about the Etsy parties. I am not near any large cities so no one ever comes here (not true. Keith Urban is coming an hour from here today!) but I look forward to hearing about it after the event.
Angela said…
Poor puppy! Even with the brace, she still looks happy! :o)

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