Summer crafting, decorating, and Moooooo

Here are a couple of crafty things I've been working on the last few days:
This is that cute Samsonite train case I got in Kansas.
I covered it with some new, vintage-style paper...
as well as some authentic old paper...
some downloads from The Graphics Fairy...
and this new, old-looking sticker from my German "hometown", Koeln (Cologne.)
Then, I finally put photos and some reminiscences into my Silver Bella journal!
It was like HEAVEN playing with the beautiful pages that I received in the Silver Bella swap.
Some of my favorite pages: this one, celebrating my 'fascinator' on hat night...
and this one, showing off our blingy bracelets!
Such wonderful memories!
Yesterday I brought in a garden cart/plant stand that I had painted last summer, and decided to display it on top of my dining room table (!)  My son said, "Mom, why is the cart on the table?"  He didn't wait for an answer, though.  He knows me too well!
I decorated it with some garden-themed stuff...
I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep it on the table -- but for now, I'm enjoying it!
(The little cowbell says, "Ring for Omaha" -- I picked it up here after Silver Bella, and I was going to do something special with it for this year's event; alas, we all know that won't be happening.)
Do you have Moo cards?  If so, how much do you love them?  I adore mine and always get tons of compliments when I hand them out.  I use Mini Moos for including with my products, and the full size ones for handing out.
Moo has given their customers a personal referral link to share with friends; if you would like to try Moo cards you can use this link for a 10% discount -- plus, I get "points" when you do, which I can redeem for their stuff.

Tonight I'm working on a special gift for my 600 posts, 300 followers giveaway, coming soon!


Angela said…
I love your Silver Bella journal! You really made each page special!
The suitcase is really clever too - I like the "postmarks"... :o)
Jingle said…
So many fabulous pretty things in this post!
Anonymous said…
Your travel case is gorgeous! I love what you have done with it. Such fun memories in your Silver Bella journal. Hugs to you.
You get to have so much fun with your friends!

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