Happy Father's Day weekend

This weekend, I hope you enjoy celebrating your dad -- whether you have him to hold, or not.
Dad and me, 1965
And, enjoy celebrating with your husband if he's a dad, too!  We did our celebrating yesterday, as Dennis works every Sunday.  I cooked a nice dinner and afterwards, Dennis and Ben went out to hit some practice balls in the yard.
Practice is always helpful!
I enjoyed just sitting and watching them as the balls were flying!
Snoopy says, "I'm staying here!  It's scary out there!"

I love Father's Day for Dennis -- we feel so happy and so lucky to have had the chance to be parents after all we went through!
See -- Ben's jumping for joy!  I hope you have a lovely day, weekend, and celebration, too!

Oh, and, if you haven't already entered my 600 posts/300 followers celebration giveaway, details are here!


Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, these photos are just fabulous! I love them all but the one with you and your father is just heartwarming.

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