A good day all around

Happy birthday to my wonderful son Ben, who turned 14 today!
14 years ago...at 6 lbs., 6 oz. and 18.5", he looked like a baby doll!
Here he is this morning, at 5'2" and enjoying his birthday gift: a new set of golf clubs!
I guess my husband was caught up in a gift-giving frenzy, because he got out my anniversary gifts and made me open them -- even though our anniversary isn't until June 21!
Not the most flattering photo -- I was on my way to the gym -- but I had three separate little boxes from Tiffany's...
each of which contained one of these bracelets.  I *LOVE* them!
The men went golfing, I eventually got to the gym, and the rest of the day will be spent relaxing.  We've planned dinner at my son's favorite steak place in town.

OH and, did you notice?  I reached 300 followers yesterday, and this is my 600th post!
That calls for a giveaway!
 Look for an announcement here, soon!

Happy June, everyone!


barb cabot said…
Happy Birthday to Ben! I know he is a wonderful boy, just look at who his parents are! And Holy Moly you've got a nice husband with great taste! Happy Anniversary indeed! Enjoy the true gifts in your life, your son and your husband. Happy June!
Jane said…
Happy Birthday to your son and an early Happy Anniversary to you!! Gotta love those Tiffany blue boxes!
Thanks for visiting my blog and following along....I'm going to sign on as follower #301!
Jingle said…
Happy Birthday to your son! Those bracelets are GORGEOUS! You are a lucky girl!
Spotted Sparrow said…
Happy birthday, Ben! And happy early anniversary to you!
Angela said…
Happy Birthday, Ben! I hope you had a great day!
And your bracelets are beautiful! Lucky you! :o)
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to Ben and happy early anniversary to you. Love the gifts you received. VERY nice.

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