The things you find at the thrift store

Sometimes I think I could fill a whole blog with photos of funny, tacky, or downright scary things I see at thrift stores.  Honestly, don't you find yourself shuddering or gasping sometimes when you see something that is so kitschy it's not even cute?!
Like this little horse server...
made up of four bowls; there's horse's head, the wire body, two "packs" that are small bowls, and it's pulling a wheeled "cart" which is the large bowl.  Did you ever?  I just had to take a picture!
This plate is something I LOVED but didn't buy.  It was at one of our ARC thrift stores that is always, always overpriced.  Sometimes the prices there make me gasp out loud!  I don't know what they are thinking.  The only reason I go there, really, is to buy the stuff that's half price that week; then, it's thrift-store affordable.
But, isn't it lovely?  And it was very old.  (Sigh.)

What have you found that made you gasp at the thrift store/flea market lately?  Do tell!

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That chip and dip donkey made me gasp!!! (Yes, it needed three exclamation points) That is amazing.

The platter is so pretty, like a storybook picture.
Linda Sue said…
I LOVE going along with you to you "finds" shops- Our ARC is also overpriced and make me gasp and yell something like "WTF are you thinking- are we to pay for the ambiance of this store, like it is some high rent museum shop?" Yeah, right...ambiance of the ARC!They are insane!
Stella and I went to Goodwill last Sunday- found nothing- bad day to go.
I haven't had much success thrifting lately.

I take that back, I found the vintage bridal petticoat I wore to the Cowgirl Prom for $8.99 (it even has the bride's intial's embroidered on the midriff!) & at the same store, I found a beautiful, vintage wedding dress for $12.99!!! But those have been my only "make my heart go pitter patter" finds in months.

Your little books are so cool! But gosh, 26 of them! Better you than me! ;)
Anonymous said…
Lol! I have gasped at times myself. ;-)
Lisa said…
I'm with you Laurie ~ our local thrift stores are WAY overpriced and it is ridiculous. The last "good" find I had at ours was last year, early in the fall there was a ceramic owl from the 1970's priced at $12.99 and it made a fabulous Halloween decoration. :)
That plate is adorable and so is the little donkey serving set.
Feel free to do all the posts you want on your finds at the thrift stores. It's fun!
Tammy said…
The horse server is hilarious! All it needs is a funky martini set to go along with it and that would be a party!

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