Ephemera love

I am so excited about the vintage ephemera swap I'm doing (see the button on the right sidebar); the packages should be in the mail this week!  I had so. much. fun. putting ephemera packets together for it -- 17!!

I had I promised I'd show you my newly stored ephemera, which I completely organized when I worked on my craft room:
Here it is!  Three tubs, and several clear, lidded shoe boxes full of art supplies!
Each of these folders contains paper ephemera.  It is separated by different criteria.  Sometimes it is by type (pictures, ads, postcards, etc.), sometimes by size, and sometimes by age.  It works really well for me.  When I get ready to put together a journal, I sit down and go through the boxes, choosing pages or whole folders that will work for whatever it is I'm planning to make.
This box contains the overflow, or odd-sized, or special stuff -- like those full ledger books.
Here's one of the boxes that contains some of the smallest, chunky pieces that I use for art, or for book covers, or as tag baubles.  I keep larger non-paper ephemera in the clear shoe boxes.
The craft room is working out so great for me!  It's organized and there is SPACE for me to do stuff!  For example, when I was looking for blue buttons to finish this pillow, I poured the blue button jar into this footed bowl and was able to poke through so easily...
and I just love using the separated glass bowls for button sorting!  Bliss!

How do you store your ephemera?  I'd love to see!


Jessica Rodarte said…
You have a fabulous collection! I would love to dig through there!
I have a smaller tub full of my loose ephemera- like old letters, wallpaper, cards, etc. Then, I store my vintage books wherever they fit on my bookshelves. My ephemera really spills out all over my craft space now that I think about it. :)
Jenny said…
Oh my craft room is so NOT organized...I would never be able to share pictures! LOL!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
I have ephemera, but not organized like yours! I save everything, but really don't know how to use it! I need a challenge or a class or something!!
I recently organized my workroom, but I still create chaos when I pull things out for inspiration and projects! It's a lot more loosely organized than yours however. Congratulations!
Tammy said…
That looks like lots of fun stuff! There really is something about sifting through a jar of buttons. Until reading your posts, I never realized that some buttons are extra special and collectable.
Suz said…
Great ideas! I especially love your folder box for the paper ephemera. I keep trying to fit it into accordian files and I just have too much...duh! Doesn't take a rocket scientist but I never thought that maybe I need a longer box!!! The same is true for clear stamps...

Sure wish I was in your swap!

Linda E. Pruitt said…
Laurie, I took the challenge that you suggested when you visited my blog! Thanks!!! I made a little tag with some of my ephemera! Yay!
I linked back to your blog:

I've started to organize my stuff...but barely. Yours looks like little treasures!
Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, you are so organized! How wonderful.
Anonymous said…
You are so organized. I have a long way to go to be able to find things when I need them.
I can always find something to work but never just what I am looking for and KNOW it is here somewhere. (And I just saw it.)

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