So Well Remembered

I feel great at having finished up three new journals and a whole stack of tags -- which are already almost all out the door.  It's so nice to have wonderful friends who like your work!
I love this one -- a special order for a gal who had a black poodle as a child.  The cover is from a Dana Girls book; the matching green tatting was a gift from my friend Jeanelle, and I think it's the perfect addition, don't you?
A couple of my favorite pages from this journal...
including a cute old greeting card!  Look at the back:
I also love this page which is one of the end pages of a child's book:
This journal was for a girl that my friend described as "a Southern belle"; I had fun with this one because she loved antiques, lace and buttons:
Among the pages I added to this journal was one from the wonderful lace sample book I was gifted by Linda Sue:
I also slipped in this card, below, which was so cute with its real millinery netting pasted over the hats!
I hope she loves her journal!  There's one left and I've put it up for sale in Twice Shy Restored; here's a peek:
The journal's title is from the spine of another book that I used in another project.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it's also pale red.  I really enjoyed the fresh, red and white look for this one!
(Through all of these pages and tags you can see some of the wallpaper samples Suzanne gifted me.  I love how my friends share!)

There are photos of all the journal pages in 'So Well Remembered' if you're interested, here.  Here are some of those tags, too -- they're all sold!
I used some of my good stuff (Karla!) -- antique scrap angel and some gorgeous old lace.  Here's the back of one, with pieces of a page from a Primer that was mostly ruined but still had some wonderful illustrations:
Above - this was my favorite -- I might have kept it, come to think of it!
I used a lot of K & Company scrapbook paper for these -- they make such pretty vintage repro paper!
Above, a french label on the left and new and old wallpaper on the right...below are the backs:
It's fun to make a bunch at once!  This little girl needed a lace crown.  Now, I can't imagine her without it!
Okay -- the last couple I will show you.  On the left, a cute doggie playing card, and at right a scan from a Barbie-through-the-ages-poster I bought at a garage sale, crushed and written on.  I've scanned some of the images and I adore them!
Here are the backs of those.  I think you can tell I was having a really good time!  That's glitter glue on the bottom of the solid pink tag.  I love that stuff!

Thanks for indulging me sharing all this fun paper play with you.  It makes me feel better.  I had a horrendous day today -- literally spent six hours at the Urgent Care with my son after he awoke doubled over with abdominal pain.  When we got to the clinic, he had a fever, too.  They poked around and decided they needed to rule out appendicitis.  It was one of the most frustrating days I've had in a long time!  At one point, I had to go out into the hallway and complain about the wait (it had been 2-1/2 hours at that point.)  One of the doctors bit my head off!  After that I was so angry I was in tears.

The diagnosis is good: just bad cramps/pain from a stomach virus that's "going around."  They gave him a shot and he finally feels better -- but exhausted.  He fell asleep at 5 pm after some jello and rice crackers.  Being a mom is hard work.


Linda Sue said…
Love your work as usual- delightful!
upsetting about Ben- I took Erik to the ER about five times the year of the gallstone mystery- They didn't know what was wrong with him but every time they gave him an injection of super pain meds, they took their sweet time, however- I had to track them down several times- Mama bear, I was- They should not have yelled at you at all! Assholes!
Bunty said…
Such pretty journals and tags Laurie - really sweet.

Sorry to hear about your son - hope he is on the mend now. After the recent events with my DH in January, I now hate hospitals but have to go through it all again in two weeks time, when he has his op scheduled.

How's the machine working out?!

Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, your journals and tags are simply stunning. I love the details and themes they follow with a touch of your special sweet style. Have a great day.
Tammy said…
Love the journals and the tags!
Unknown said…
it is hard work being a mom and sometimes frustrating too...Glad he is ok!
Your paper crafts are so fun. My favorite is your barbie tag......

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