Pink Saturday -- Me!

You know I never participate in Pink Saturday, but I noticed this morning that I have a beautiful new, old pink bedspread that I wanted to show you.  I got it at an estate sale a few weeks ago:
Isn't it gorgeous?  It's the most lovely shade of shell pink, with white thread woven into a motif with leaves.
I'm guessing it's from around the 1950's.   It's made by Burlington.  I even love the edges, where the threads end as stripes.
You'll see it often as a background for my photos!

I'm joining in, for once!, at Pink Saturday!


Donnie said…
That is just lovely and Burlington makes very sturdy items.
racheld said…
How very beautiful!! It seems it should be on one of those elegant beds in an all-white bedroom in a glamorous movie.

Will you be using it actually ON a bed? It looks exquisite enough for a tablecloth, if you choose.

Just lovely.

Anonymous said…
Very pretty!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous bedspread!
barb cabot said…
I love this shade of pink. It looks like it should be in a castle. I don't wear pink very much but there are certain shades that touch me in a very nice way. This color you have posted today does just that. Pretty in pink I say.
It's very pretty, a lovely shade of pink. HPS,
Beverly said…
Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Laurie. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue.

The spread is gorgeous, and I can imagine just how thrilled you were to find it.

Your blog is wonderful, and it looks like you have plenty of pinks you can share. I love the pink polka-dot edging in your blog design.

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