Valentines, take 2

Here's a valentine I made for my friend Suzanne, who keeps a beautiful hen house and loves her chickens:
And here's the reverse:
Notice I gave the little chick a crown?  I love making these tag valentines!  The wallpaper scraps I used on this tag are some that Karla Nathan was passing out at Silver Bella; Karla is hostessing an artist retreat in April that I'm planning to attend.  Details are on her blog.
And, being in "inchey" mode as I waited for the Valentine Swap to arrive, I made her a pink one...
just for fun!


Holloway Family said…
How cute!!

Pam in Brussels, Belgium
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
luv ur val inchie....
Marion said…
Lovely valentines, Laurie. Love the lacy one! My husband got me a pink Cuisinart coffee maker I've wanted for early V-Day. Blessings!!
That is the cutest Valentine card....I have friends that have hens and it would thrill them. So cute!
Its nice to see that you got some use of the papers!! I was just using some from that bag this week too.

Thanks for mentioning the classes!!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Laurie, this is so cute!

Hope you are staying warm!

Anonymous said…
Both your valentine and your inchey are adorable! I just love visiting your blog.

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