A good day for thrifting

Time for some thrifty finds!  Yesterday we had a break in the weather between storms so I went to a thrift store and an antique store.  Here's what I found at the thrift store:
It's a Pyrex bowl in the Rainbow Stripes pattern; it just looked so cheery!
 This little cup and saucer is Wedgewood, and such a sweet blue with that sweet ship theme!
 I had never seen it before so I paid $4.99 for it; this is a splurge for me at the thrift store!
Here are a couple of buys from estate sales the week before last:
A vintage Valentine decoration; this is meant to hang from the ceiling and folds out four-fold.
I love this vintage Coro brooch in my favorite motif these days -- a crown!
As promised -- here's another of the vintage Valentine tags I made for friends; the one above was for my friend in VA;
here's the reverse.

There are a lot more thrifty finds to see at the following three linky parties:



You got some really fabulous things at the thrift store! Love the Pyrex bowl.
Anonymous said…
WOW! What wonderful delights. The perfect day for treasure hunting.
Maggie and Snoopy are just so adorable. Love the Valentines too. Hope you thaw out soon and remember, spring is just around the corner.
Nick said…
I have a "thing" for pyrex. It is so space age...however do not carry it in your suitcase while flying. Result..millions of glass shards throughout your clothing.
Tammy said…
What neat tags....also the thrifty finds were pretty neat.
Alyssa said…
Ooh, nice finds. Lucky you on that Pyrex stripes bowl. I think I've fallen in love with that pattern.

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