More Valentines...

It's still REALLY COLD here!  -12 degrees this morning when my not-so-little-anymore little guy was waiting outside for his bus.
That means it's also WAY too cold for Maggie and Snoopy to be outdoors.  So here's the view from where I sit, anytime I make a lap.  I love my doggies!

Here are a couple more Valentines; the one on the left was for my buddy Jenni in OK; and the one on the right is for a pal in NM.  (I haven't heard from her that she's received it, but friends much further away have gotten theirs, so I'm going to assume it's safe to show!)
Here are the backs, just because I always like to show the reverse!  More of Karla's wallpaper!
 Two more...
and their reverses.  One for my neighbor and another for a friend in VA.

Did you happen to notice this cute button on my left sidebar?  Under the category of  "dreams-do-come-true", my BFF from Silver Bella, Suzanne, and I are going to Bird Song at Karla's Cottage!  While there, we will make four wonderful works of art and spend the weekend enjoying Karla's hospitality!  I hope we get to meet the Dorkies!  And play with her millinery flowers!
 Me and Karla at Silver Bella
Almost as much fun, I think, will be the trip out there with Suzanne!  We plan to stop and antique to our heart's desires, and we're also going to try to catch the Diana exhibit in Kansas City!  Evenings we'll be roomies.
 I can hardly wait!!  The last time I looked, Karla had a few spaces left -- you should meet us there!  Don't wait too long!  It's coming up April 30 - May 1!


Linda Sue said…
You are going to have way too much fun! Your VD cards are super, indeed they are! Maggie and Snoopy are the most generous dogs in the universe- we feel their love! Dexter's is wearing it right now!
What a wonderful blog you've made; my visit has added so much enjoyment to life right now. I've also become a follower and see we have a love of thrift stores in common. Always wondering what treasure I'll find...
Bunty said…
You lucky girl! Not only Silver Bella but a retreat at Karla's Cottage! I would be over the moon! Looking forward to seeing your creations.

It looks as cold as it was here before Christmas - hope you soon get rid of your snow.


Anonymous said…
Oh! That sounds like such fun!
Spotted Sparrow said…
LOL! That picture of your dogs is too funny. That weekend sounds like fun!
Its going to be a blast! Thanks for telling everyone about the weekend. And yes, you'll be knee deep in dorkies, for sure!
Alyssa said…
Sounds like fun! Hope you have a blast, and be sure to let us know all about it.

PS - cute vintage valentines!

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