Fun Finds of a Bookish Kind

Wow -- I was able to get out for a bit yesterday afternoon just to clear my head, since my husband was home to care for our sickly son.  I went to an antique store and two thrift stores and found NOTHING!  It is, I think, that dismal time of the year before spring cleaning and summer junking.  Slim pickins' at the shops for sure.  So, I thought I would show you yet more from that same estate sale I've been writing about, as I did buy a lot there:
There is always the requisite grab bag of seam binding and trims, but this one also had that cute white and blue silhouetted doggie ribbon!  So cute!  And I love the flowery trims, as well as the rick rack in unusual colors, some perfect for spring!
This (above) just made me laugh: a kit from the "Fad-of-the-Month Club"!  Can you imagine?  It contained two of these plastic fans, with little vials of enamel and dyes to mix into it to make different colors that you would paint as shown onto the fans with the tiny brush, included.  I would love to know what some of the other kits were!  I'm sure I'll come across them, someday.
Did I already show you the plastic shoebox full of buttons?  The baggie of buttons next to it was a gift from the estate sale company, as a thank you for writing about them in this article on  What a nice surprise!  I found some fun stuff in that baggie, including some of my favorite fancy carved shell buttons, and one on a card from Paris!
But, take a look at some of the amazing books I found there!  The red covered one is an illustrated Bible, with the most beautiful engravings and illustrations.  I loved the cover, too!  Next to it, Coffin's Interest Tables is a leather covered book with great pages filled with columns of numerals to use in my ephemera journals!
I really liked how it was the "Liberty Bond Edition" -- that's one of my favorite US eras.  The pages are perfectly patina'd!
That Christmas book is a pop-up book in amazing condition -- the illustrations make me swoon!
Then, I found this well-played with pop up book, which included an envelope full of the playing pieces.  It's not in great condition -- I'm pretty sure the back cover is missing -- but look at the pop ups:
Doesn't this remind you of "Route 66"?
More books: I love the illustrations in the Little Golden Book about how to tell time, and the whole Three Little Kittens story, which was always one of my favorites!
I will keep those intact as collectibles, but I do plan to use the pages of the Bird Stamps book in my art; it also came with this fun National Geographic poster that shows birds and their migration patterns -- interesting!

If you love old paper, I hope you liked seeing my thrifty finds!  I'm linking up to my buddy Linda's Junkin' Finds Friday!


Donnie said…
Looks like you had some great finds. I really love the pop up book.
Oooh, love it all. Those books are fantastic, I would have bought them too. I also wonder what some of the other "fads" were. I get such a kick out of old stuff like that. I can only imagine all the ladies sitting around painting their fans;)
Betty said…
Fad of the month, lol. That reminds me of a book I found that we call "How To Make Crap Out of Crap" written for Dow chemical and full of awful craft ideas using plastic wrap and cardboard. I love the graphics on the "Let's Play Store" book.
Melissa said…
I love pop up books. The other books look super cute too! And look at all the trims and buttons. Awesome!
Tammy said…
What fun stuff! You're going to spread the shopping bug with all those goodies!
Lynda said…
Oh my! My Mom made sure we could tell time...we had one of those books...she taught school for 42 years...thanks for the memories! Great post!
Unknown said…
Those pop-up books are amazing. I've never run across those before! What a delicious find!!
Well you know I had a bad week at the thrifts also. So glad you had more items to show us from the Estate Sale! Love the buttons so much. The books are my favs especially the pop up one's! Thanks for linking up with JFF this week! hugs, Linda
A Few Pennies said…
Amazing finds; I love the sewing notions--especially the green and lavender rick-rack (did I spell that right??)--the little books made me smile. Great stuff!
A Few Pennies said…
Amazing finds; I love the sewing notions--especially the green and lavender rick-rack (did I spell that right??)--the little books made me smile. Great stuff!
Anonymous said…
Wow you found some great stuff. I love all of the old colors.
Unknown said…
I love old books, especially kids books. I think you scored!
Anonymous said…
We are such kindred spirits when it comes to these vintage books and you found some wonderful specimens. I cannot believe the condition of that pop-up.
Alyssa said…
Laurie, those are lovely finds! The pop-up book is in amazing shape. Usually those are in sad condition when I see them. Had to laugh at the 'fad of the month'. Too funny!

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