February blows in

It's February, I have a bad cold, and the temps today are -15, or up to -40 with the windchill.  It's a good day to be home, with a cup of tea and a Merchant Ivory film on TV, and show you some thrifty finds!
It's been quite a while since I bought anything vintage on eBay, but one evening I saw an auction that was about to end for this box from the 1920 and, intriguingly, its contents -- all for a very low price.
Inside were some interesting bits of junk -- the kind of stuff I just love to poke through!  First, there was this bejeweled walnut...
which turned out to be a sewing kit!
It's marked "MOSEL" but I haven't had a chance to research it yet.  There were also these kind of fun bits and pieces...
My favorite item, though, was the bracelet, which seems to be a child's souvenir item.  I just think the charms are so kitschy and fun!  They will end up in some of my paper art, some day.
Here are a few trinkets that I picked up while in Omaha for Silver Bella that I hadn't had a chance to show you yet:
There's a large crochet button, a nicely carved brown shell, and a tiny black and white Mother of Pearl; then a little metal game piece that is a California flag, and a card of crafting buttons (eyes and nose) that I think I got somewhere else but somehow ended up here.
And how's this for fun?  These are all things I bought at the Silver Bella fair evening from various vendors: a lovely crocheted bust, a fun vintage ribbon, some tiny bottles, tags, a little "tree", Silver Bella themed flash cards, and a tiny roll of vintage wall paper border!  They were all a great deal -- and where else can you find such fun assembled together?
Here's something that I remember I bought from my Bella buddy Michelle Geller, who has recently opened an online store full of amazing vintage old stock stuff called Hold Dear.  It's a kit to make paper roses; and then, the other day I found the same kind of modern kit from Martha Stewart, deeply discounted to $3:
I thought it was so much fun to have both of the boxes, modern and old!  Finally, here are three things I bought in a grab bag at an antique store -- all 3 for $1!
a stray ceramic piece that has multiple holes on the sides as well as the top...
a small enameled box...
and, what I was really after -- this little packet of "trade simulator" tickets.

There are lots more thrifty finds to see at these blogs I'm linking up to today:



Stephanie said…
So many treasures. I adore the walnut sewing kit!!

I also loved your boy scout picture. My hubby and my son are both Eagle Scouts!

Have a great day,

Mary Ann Tate said…
The ceramic thingy with the holes in it looks like something I have. It's for putting small fresh flowers in...kind of a small posy vase.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
oh laurie,
stay warm my dear!drink some thera flu i swear by it! i luv that nut sewing case. it reminds me of thumbelina!
get well soon!
Anonymous said…
Oh, that little sewing kit is so sweet!
Honey at 2805 said…
Don't you just love to find new treasures?! These are so cute and different. Visiting from Coastal Charm. Come by for a visit when it's convenient.
Stay warm, Honey
Angela said…
The ceramic flower holder is a figural flower frog...very pretty!
A Fanciful Life said…
What fabulous finds - you are very lucky to get this. How much fun you will have!

Sharon :-)
I love this beautiful box...also love that "cool" sewing kit and the "cute" bracelet. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us at NTT!

Anonymous said…
Oh, what wonderful finds! I love your Ebay purchase and all the contents. That bejeweled walnut was a huge surprise.

Thank you for sharing all of your amazing finds. You are such a sweetie.
Alyssa said…
What a gorgeous box and lovely treasures inside. The nutshell sewing kit is really charming.
The contents of the box are amazing! So many interesting things, and that walnut sewing kit is truly a treasure. It's always enjoyable to see what you find.

Hope you're feeling better soon. We're snowed in for the second day - and I'm enjoying it!
Betty said…
Stay warm and get plenty of rest. Thanks for sharing all your little treasures. That sewing kit and the charm bracelet were wonderful surprises.
Christine said…
You find so many wonderful things, as I've told you many times!

My fave is the walnut sewing kit. It's wonderful!!
grace said…
Oh my, that walnut sewing kit is AWESOME. I love it.
Micki said…
I love all of them, but really liked the enamel box. Great finds!
m i c h e l l e said…
My eyes are BUGGED out over your eBay treasure...especially that walnut sewing kit! I even called my husband over to the computer to see it! Adorable!

And thank you so much for the link love! :-)
Connie said…
Love the bejeweled walnut! Hope you're feeling better. (-;

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