If it's Tuesday it must be thrifty finds

What is it about a bit of tarnish that makes us all go a little bit weak-kneed?
I don't know either, but I did have to spend 25 cents on this spoon at an estate sale.
I like to place odd spoons among my tea cups in the china cabinet.
At the same estate sale, this little hot pad looked so out of place amongst the newer items; it was so sweetly done!
With its faded, ticking-like back...
and the way the stitcher took care to place the decorative border at the edges, plus the sweet applique with stitched detail.  I had to have it.
At the thrift store, I picked up this 28" long, empty picture frame.
A close up of the detail -- it's pretty old.  I wanted it because I'd like to, someday, get one of those group photos from WWII.  I think I'd like sailors, since my Dad was in the Navy, but I might also go for WACs if I find a cute one that's the right size.  Anyway -- I bought the frame to keep that dream alive!
Look at this sweet little girl, reading a book!  I think she might be one half of a bookend.  She has a cork bottom and a tag intact that says, CoventryWare.  This is one of those things I saw at a thrift store weeks ago and loved, but was unwilling to pay the marked price.  A few days ago she was still there, and now marked down by 75% -- so, she came home with me!  I really love things that are book-themed.
A pretty vintage apron, with a scalloped bottom,
and the full print on the reverse.
An iridescent green-sheened, tiny cup from pre-WWII Germany -- "Remember Me".
This ledger is from an antique store, but, it was such a great bargain that I'm including it as a thrifty find!  It's from a general store, beginning in 1916...
 and finishing up 362 pages later, in 1921.  It's fascinating!
And, since it is already broken at the binding, I won't feel very bad using pages of it for my paper art!
Lots of goodies -- and more that will be going in the shop, too.  As always, click on the icons below to visit everyone else's thrifty finds!
 Tell me what your favorite thrifty find was this weekend!


Karen K said…
Oh, I want to go to YOUR thrift store!! Awesome finds! I totally am in love with the grapefruit spoon! It is fabulous! Good job!!!
You found some great items for sure. Love that ledger!
hi laurie, such an interesting collection of finds... i think i'd spend a few good hours poring over that old ledger. very cool.
Wow, you found some terrific treasures!!
Marjory Skousen said…
I love the hot pads. What a price less find! Found you on the Monday Thrift Blog hop. Hope you'll come by and follow me back.
canngil said…
Lots of good stuff! I love those kinds of finds with character!!
Hope said…
Awesome stuff....my thriftiness was the thriftiest....I didn't buy one thing all weekend!! I will keep my eyes open for a WW2 Navy ship or crew!
Linda Sue said…
I thought about you all day yesterday! I went to the coolest consign Northwest shop- it was YOU all over the place!
Great stuff not seen very often! Great prices! You would love it!
Alyssa said…
That is one pretty grapefruit spoon. I've have scooped it up, too, and I'm not even a huge grapefruit fan. Also, that hot pad! I think it's my favorite thing in your post. Does that make me odd?
Donna said…
Laurie..I love vintage stuff and thrift store bargains. How beautiful these treasures are. So glad you shared them..and what a pretty blog you have!

Dropping by to return your visit. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home
mary helen said…
Everything is wonderful! I haven't been poking around anywhere since Fall...you've inspired me to get out there and find some treasures! Thank you!
Cindy Adkins said…
I love everything! And I hope you had fun shopping for Valentine's Day--how neat!! Your flowers are beautiful!!!
Rika said…
Wonderful finds, love the spoon!
Unknown said…
I love the little house on the hot pad! it is just the sweetest!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful items! I especially love the apron and ledger. My grandmother used to have the sweetest aprons and she'd let me wear them around the house. I thought I was pretty important!

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