Happy Tuesday!

We're having a four day weekend this weekend, since it was President's Day Monday and then a teacher work day on Tuesday!  My son went ice climbing over the weekend -- check him out!
His scout troop is always up to something fun!  We're just chillin' at home yesterday and today...tonight we have to go register him at the high school for the Fall.
Where does the time go?!
Sigh.  Let me take my mind off of that by showing you some more of my bounty from the estate sale last week:
This gorgeous white sheer dresser scarf, with the crochet lace with the ittiest, bittiest, teeny-tiniest stitches.  I don't even mind the holes, since I'll be turning it into something new down the line.
If you remember how much I loved Mt. Vernon last summer, then you can see why I wanted this cute sampler; below it is the loveliest tatted doily, with lavender tatting!
These pretty napkins are paper, not fabric!  I am going to use them in my paper art!
This is my favorite buy: it's a set of 4 child-sized handkerchiefs, and, I didn't even notice this when I bought them, but the star is Elsie the cow, the old Borden Milk character.
This is a big deal to me because my mother worked for Borden and had some Elsie employee memorabilia that I've inherited.  The hankies have never been used, and I just love the graphics on the folder!
I found this cute desk perpetual calendar, which my husband loves!  Also some of those fun vintage folding rulers, and some playing cards with cute puppies and hula dancers, respectively.
This is actually a tiny antique metal frame -- will fit a wallet-sized picture.  I loved the double mat!
Okay, my friend laughed at me, but I bought this new, old aluminum siding because I envision using it on the cover of my journals!
Two old tins -- I love the black and white one!  "Cleans dirty hands!"

There is more to see!  I'm linking up here:


Was he ice climbing in Ouray? That is one of our favorite spots to vacation. My best friend goes every year to ice climb. I have not tried it, but would love to. I will be posting soon some of my vintage finds too, from my Birthday weekend in Pheonix. I love going thrifting and antiquing.
Mary Ann Tate said…
I wish I lived in your neighbourhood.You find good stuff:) I loved Elsie the Cow when I was little....and her two cute calves that I cannot remember the name of at mo...?
Yoohoo! Laurie your wonderful goodie package arrive! I will have fun utilizing them in different projects! I now follow you too! Blessings! Jan
Alyssa said…
What wonderful finds, as always. I think those lovely things must just be waiting for you. ;) That boraxo tin is really great. Think the formula actually had borax in it, or were they just capitalizing on the name? Love the perpetual calendar, too. My great grandmother had one very similar to that.
Marion said…
I was just commenting on a young mother's blog about how you blink, and poof! your children are grown. It goes by much too fast!!

What an awesome haul you made. I need to come visit your town one day to go thrift shopping. LOL! My dream vacation would be meandering slowly all over the country, stopping at independent book stores and thrift shops! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said…
Wow! What an adventurous young man. I'd be scared to death to ice climb - and far too cold. ;-) They do grow up so fast, don' they? It's such a bittersweet experience to watch them grow and flourish.

Love your finds. I cannot believe those napkins are paper. They really look like they are made out of cloth.

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