Everything's Coming Up Buttons, part II

I'm encountering an ongoing dry spell in these parts for thrift shop finds; but, that's okay because there was a sale at Saturday's button workshop.  I bought some new buttons to love, all of which were used, and which were thriftily priced, ranging from 25 cents to $1.00!
Let's start with plastic; or, as we say in the buttoning world, "synthetic polymer"!  I love these -- the clear one between the two aqua buttons is lucite; the one next to is is painted with a lovely little blue jay, and the blue one just above the large red cameo button is my first "design under plastic", or DUP, button!  The red one with the cameo was my splurge of the day; I wanted a button to remind me of Jane Austen, and so I paid $4 for it.  It's actually plastic on a red celluloid wafer.
I really liked this one because it looked like a fancily-carved radish to me!
And I liked this one because it reminded me of the wallpaper in my the house I grew up in!  Yes, I know, we button collectors are an odd bunch; you never know what will inspire us!
Now on to the glass and one lone shell (lower right, very bottom) buttons -- I love them all, especially the clear glass knotted looking one to the right of the black glass football-shaped, faceted one.  I also think the one just above it is special -- it is glass over a glittery, sparkly design that you can see through it, sort of like a paperweight.  I also like the glass ball set in metal that's sitting below the light blue flower.
Black glass from Austria, still on the card, and very old -- how could I resist at 50 cents?
Some little metal treasures -- I just liked the shapes of them!
Tiny, "diminutive" buttons; won't that lock with the rhinestone look lovely as an embellishment?
My first ever "Battersea" button -- also diminutive.  Sorry it's blurry -- the macro on my new camera is giving me fits!
Easily identifiable by the signature on the back!  If you have good eyes, or a magnifying glass!
Here's the grab bag bargain of the day -- a bunch of metal buttons for $1.  This little grouping was special:
I adore the big, round, puffy metal button and its tiny counterparts; the blue glass button on the far left must have jumped in when no one was looking!
I was inspired to sew some buttons onto my newest "three inchie" embellishment, a beautiful bird surrounded by antique laces, to remind me that Spring is coming...
surely it is...and it's available now in my handmade shop!

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Barb said…
Hi Laurie,
This is my first "visit" to your blog. You are a gal after my own heart, I too luv buttons, can never have enough!! LOL!!!
Absolutely luv, luv, luv your "three inchie" it is so delicate looking.
Wishing you an enjoyable week.
Barb who wishes she could sew in Texas
I don't know anything about buttons but that I love them. I have many that I just enjoy looking at. You have some gorgeous new/old buttons!
Anonymous said…
Hi, my first visit today too, through ATG. I too love buttons. I am curious what is a Saturday button workshop?

Great finds, Amy
Angela said…
I love your "inchie"! Very tempting! It certainly is "you"! :o)
I would have bought all those beauties. Gorgeous little jewels, aren't they?
Eureka! You have struck Gold...I too would have bought all of these treasures. I am so happy you have them in your sweet little hands..they are destined to be in a beautiful work soon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Unknown said…
Oh they are beautiful. Buttons are just scrummy... I love finding 'different' buttons but what am I going to do with them?? We don't have Button Clubs in New Zealand that I know of so I love to catch up on Button blogs.
Alyssa said…
Those are some great buttons! I love the little birdie one.

Today's a button day, I guess. I was just reading Ana's post about buttons on I Made it So {http://imadeitso.com/}.
hi laurie,

(and hi alyssa, above! thanks for sending me here!)

just wanted to come and take a peek at your post about buttons. seems we both have had them on our mind lately :) thanks to alyssa, for the headsup. such an interesting bunch of buttons you've got!

lovely blog laurie. i think we have some things in common beyond buttons and crafting...i too love taking old things and making them new and useful again.
Hi Laurie, I love vintage buttons so much too, and am always looking for new and interesting ones. I love glass buttons probably the most, but any old button gets me excited.
Anonymous said…
Your buttons are so beautiful. I love buttons myself and have a large jar filled to the brim.

Your three inchie is so sweet and delicate. Love all the layers.

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