Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Renewing the Battle of the Bobbin

On Sunday I spent some time with my linens...sigh.  It is always so relaxing!

I had sorted out linens that inspired me for pillows some weeks ago; so, I just had to make final decisions and then prepare them for sewing.  I paired up pieces, and planned.

I love everything about creating with my linens, except the ironing - I burned myself not once but twice! I remember I used to enjoy ironing.  I must have been very young.

Here's the only piece I managed to finish, and really, it was a no-brainer because the velvet rectangle came to me already sewn (thank you, Linda Sue!)  I added some gorgeous old hand crocheted lace, also via Linda Sue, fancy stitches, and antique glass buttons.

Besides that, I have been busy photographing and listing linens for my Spring Sale -- with still more to go!

Here are just a few of those that I have newly added to my Etsy shop:

I already have more than 16 linen items in the shop priced $5 or less, and a bunch more that I hope to finish listing this week.


Linda Sue said...

Dang , everytime I leave a comment on your blogerific I forget that yours has a -wait- scroll down- get verification word and then -go-. Anyway what I said was...beautiful work, Love pressing cloth using naigra sizing, hope that you are well and that I LOVE love LOVE the snowman- it is the best ever!

Jennifer said...

Laurie, I was so happy to get your message about the crown. I'm glad you are lending it to a friend. I'm so sorry about the cancer and I will keep her in my prayers. What a great friend you are. Hope you are well. Love the linens. I always tend to gravitate to them when I am at a thrift or antique store.

Happy Spring!

Michele and Todd said...

Hi there Laurie, Love your linens and I have looked at your Etsy Shop. If you want to check out mine, it is under the username askmichele. I am excited to swap with you. I will email you my address, and you be sure to email me from my email, only please use this one:

Something Special said...

Oops, I forgot to change over to my other blog, so you probably don't even recognize who Michele and Todd are. It is me, Michele from Something Special. I just thought I should clarify that last comment. Take Care.

Something Special said...

I am sorry, Laurie, but I can't get the Windows live to work out so I can email you. Please email me at ask@comnett.net and give me your address, then I will give you mine. Thanks

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Laurie!
I'm so glad you are joining the WBC party this year!! It's going to be so much fun!!!
My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

sassypackrat said...

I love linens! Especially vintage ones. I'm trying to figure out why I'm not seeing you on my blog roll. You always have such lovely things to say on my blog and I want you to know how much I appreciate it! ;0)

Debby said...

I love linens, one of my fav things. great post.

Linda Pruitt said...

I got a wonderful note from you the other day! I was so surprised! Thanks sooooooo much! Yes, we do have a lot in common--I like linens too! Love the velvet pillow!