Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have a friend...

...a wonderful friend, who is among the amazing friends I've met through this blog.  Whoever would have thought that blogging about my passions would lead to meeting other women who blog about theirs, and that we'd connect in so many ways?

This wonderful friend, Linda Sue, is an artist, and a writer, and a feeler.  And, in feeling my passion for linens, lace, creating with found things, and everything old and beautiful, she thought of me when she began to let go of some of her beautiful things.

I have to say she felt, because feeling is of the heart, and generosity such as this can only come from the heart...

Do you see the beautiful birds? The delicate lace and crochet?

The bold, colorful, dainty, and sweet linens?

The whimsy?  The color!

This little purse with feathers and tiny buttons made my heart sing.

Heartbreakingly beautiful!

A cutter quilt of feed sack fabric...

Not just linens, lace and crochet, but vintage fabrics, too!

So many Spring flowers that I could forget we had none outdoors this year, during our non-existent Rockies springtime!

Three boxes full, friends -- huge boxes, as you can imagine!

And while I was already overwhelmed with joy at her generosity, I came home from OK to yet another large box!  Aprons, and a sweet, shabby bedspread!

Four boxes now!  Full of the things that I love!

I hadn't even mentioned to Linda Sue that I was planning to have a linen trunk show this Spring, but I am, and now I have so much more to share!  These beauties I'm showing you are only the pieces I've decided to keep for me and my crafts -- there is more!

But most of all: her gifts are inspiration, and fodder for my imagination, and they sit in piles like little cheerleaders, urging me to go forward and create, giving me the feeling like someone knows -- and wants me to!  They are support and understanding and so many other things, not just threads and colors, beautifully woven together!

I know you know what I mean!

And there's more to show you, for Linda Sue sent other bits and bobs!

I am overwhelmed -- but in a good way!


Angela said...

What a sweet friend! Such lovely, lovely items! Your friend knew you would treat them as the treasures that they are! I am sure you were in heaven looking thru them all! :o) I can't wait to see your creations with them!

Bunty said...

Wow, what a friend to have! Such treasures - you are truly blessed! Can't wait to see how you use them - will you be putting any of them in your Etsy store?


P.S. Thanks for your kind comments! :)

Jingle said...

Wow! Those are utterly amazing! What wonderful pieces to rework into new creations! I can imagine that you are just FULL Of inspiration right now! How very generous of her!

Barbara said...

What a truly wonderful found friend! She is a friend of the heart for sure. I believe I would have wept when I opened all those boxes and saw what was inside! You are truly blessed. I can imagine that your creative juices may be close to "overload" by now! LOL Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treasure with the rest of us.

Sherrie said...

What a wonderful friend. I am absolutely drooling over everything. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Regina said...

Friends of the heart...such a blessing!! I love all the amazing pieces you have shown us and I see a few wee ones or even a few new blankets pieced together with love. So excited to see what you do with some of the treasures. Thank you for sharing!!


Linda Sue said...

WHOA! She must have emptied her entire house on you! Hope it all is not a burden but as I have said YOU are the only one who could put these things where they belong and in such an artful manner. You will never have to hunt the charity shops for linens again...(did I just spoil your fun?)

楊偉誠 said...


Lydia said...

Did somebody say JACKPOT????? Wow! Love the purse, and.....just wow!