Bits and bobs from my trip to Oklahoma

When we were visiting Jenni and her family in OK, we went out for some antique shopping, of course.  Here are some of my purchases:

This pretty little pillow that someone made by hand, using pretty trims, beads, and crochet lace.

This colorful, unfinished cross stitched rooster; it will be a great addition to some farm-style linen creations I have in mind!

I really liked this little mid-century dog pen holder!

Some wonderful composition books that are full, and an old stenographer's notebook full of shorthand.  The little needle books shown with them were gifts from Jenni's father, who is an antique collector (but Jenni's not -- it skipped a generation!)  Her parents also sent:

...these amazing sewing baskets!  I adore the floral design on the yellow and green one with roses!  It was chock full of supplies, including a pair of pinking shears, which I had been needing! The little wicker one is so sweet!  Both are vintage.  And not only that...

...knowing of my button obsession, Jenni's mom sent me a container she'd been throwing buttons into for years.  It was so much fun to poke through the huge pile of old buttons!

These are just a few of the ones I pulled out to show you -- there are so many wonderful examples in that pile!  How sweet are my friend's parents?  It's easy to see the apple didn't fall far from the tree in Jenni's family!

If you're completely tired of my blogging about buttons, stop here!  If not, click on "LINKS TO THIS POST" next to the little envelope icon just below - this will bring up the longer post with more buttons!

'Still here?  Okay, so: I mentioned to one of the Oklahoma ladies that I exchanged buttons with that I was going to be there, and she put me in touch with the woman who is the President of the Oklahoma State Button Club.  She said the President lived very near Jenni and was selling a button collection that I might be interested in looking at.  So, we took an hour that weekend and went to her home (which was lovely!)   The President was a gracious and helpful woman, and I really enjoyed seeing her buttons.  Of course, I had to come home with some of them:

This is light brown glass, and depicts three dogs (probably hunting dogs.)

This is mother of pearl encased in metal -- two birds on a fence.  Sweet!!

This one looks like chocolate!  It's brown glass.

This one is metal attached to the top of a carved mother of pearl button.

Two tone metal, flying bird.  (I'm really into birds in case you didn't notice!)

More dogs -- this one is luster glass.

This is white glass -- I think she called it "camphor."

And this one, believe it or not, is blown glass from the late 1800s.  Isn't it amazing it has survived so long?!

These are more buttons that I got at the Colorado State Button Show in the 25 cent poke box!  They are all glass!  I am in love with them.  The round black one, middle top, is called a Greek Key.  They are not easy to find, so if you have any, set them aside!


Melissa said…
What amazing finds. I LOVE the round sewing box with the wooden spools. Why can't I find stuff like that when I'm out and about? :)
Robin said…
Tired of buttons? Are you kidding? I can never get enough. I love me some buttons! I have over 13,000 organized and many more to sort. Headed to the Ohio button show on Saturday. Goody! Goody! I love your blog. Keep those button posts coming! ~Robin~
Bunty said…
Oh my goodness, what lovely sewing baskets and so many more buttons!! You must have a very big house to store so many treasures! I just wouldn't have enough room for them all.

Have fun with your new goodies.

Unknown said…
my favorite are the notebooks!
Jingle said…
I love treasure hunting in the antique shops in Oklahoma! They have some great deals and wonderful finds! You found some really good ones!
Wow, you really scored Laurie. Those intricate, detailed buttons are fun to look at. But the lace is what gets my heart going! :o)
Of all these treasures you acquired, the jar of buttons is the greatest.
Sandra said…
Great post Laurie, I just never realized there were so many different kinds of buttons or that there were so many collectors! Sure, love seeing all the ones you were able to buy! I can remember as a child, my mother had a button box, and all 3 of us, used to play in it for hours. It was a octagon shape, fabric covered, with a lid, wonder what ever happened to it. ......memories.........
Deborah said…
Wonderful finds! I LOVE the buttons!
Angela said…
I really love the button with the birds on the fence! Such intricate work! Amazing~
Sherrie said…
I am drooling over the buttons. Honestly I am. You are very lucky. I would be playing with them as well. By the way I did stop and check out your Audrey posts, I love that movie and the actress.
Micki said…
I just love those buttons...What finds! You are so lucky!
Teresa aka Tess said…
I love that rooster, and the sewing box. It looks just like a hat box. What a surprise to find sewing notions inside.

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